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Rats, Feces and Mold, oh my!

If the Evergreen High School Campus was a restaurant instead of a school, health inspectors would have shut it down long ago.
However, less stringent health standards seem to apply for school kids.  Rats scurry around nighttime Evergreen halls and classrooms scarfing up crumbs.  Vermin droppings on floors and desks greet students many mornings in a school year.  The same furniture kids sit on, rest their hands on and maybe even support their heads.
The Evergreen Campus was built in 1959 and the Tyee Campus in 1962 during the Highline area’s period of rapid expansion.  Both schools were built with 30-year life spans to accommodate the great influx of students, and then new, more permanent high schools would be built at a later date.  The Highline School District has never wanted to invest major funds into the temporary schools other than to patch the facilities, never really resolving ongoing problems.

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