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Famous Seattle crime author Ann Rule has been the victim of abuse and theft by her two sons for years.

The two sons of Ann Rule have been charged with abusing and robbing the famed author

On April 17 the King County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges of theft, domestic violence, and forgery against Michael John Rule and Andrew Stack Rule, the two sons of famed writer Ann Rule. Much like something out of one of the world renowned author’s own stories, the two sons are accused of abusing and stealing from their wealthy mother for years.
According to the charging documents the allegations were brought forward by Ann Rule’s son-in-law, Glenn Scott, on March 2 through an email to the Prosecutor’s office. These suspicions were then handled in a joint investigation by the Inspector General’s office, the King County Sheriff’s Office and Normandy Park PD. After interviewing Rule, her family, caretakers, friends, and combing through financial documents ample evidence was found against the two sons.

The trouble with Andrew

For years Ann Rule, now 83, has paid a combined monthly salary to her four children of $25K through her company Rule Enterprises, LLC. Michael was often paid the highest portion between the four since he acted as a daily caregiver to Rule while living next door to her.

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