Shoot-out involving bail bondsman tops police blotter

Two injured in shootout
A 32-year -old bail bondsman and a 42 year old Burien man were both shot when gunfire was exchanged in the 12600 block of Occidental Ave S. The bail bondsman told police he had information that a woman he was looking for was associated with the house. He had been watching the house when there was a confrontation between him and the residents of the house. Witnesses said that someone in the house brought a shotgun outside and after a brief struggle over the shotgun shots were fired.

The bondsman, who was wearing a bullet proof vest, was struck in the chest with birdshot. A resident of the house was struck in the leg by a bullet presumably fired by the bondsman. The woman the bondsman was looking for was not in the house and police do not believe she is actually associated with the house.

“At this point we are still sorting out the details of what happened leading up to the shooting,” said Sergeant Cindi West, spokesperson for the King County Sheriff’s Office.” “We know that multiple rounds were fired by each side but detectives are still trying to piece together the specifics.” The King County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit is handling the investigation.

Des Moines woman accused of stalking
Madaline Ann Desmet of Des Moines, a real estate agent, met who she thought was the man of her dreams through her church Sunday school program. Her affections were not returned. Seattle police were contacted by the alleged victim in January, after what he described as nearly two years worth of harassment by Desmet.

The man gave police more than 40 emails, four letters and a package, all purportedly from Desmet. On March 8, 2011, the man was granted a protection order, but the contact continued. Later that month, the man’s sister was walking home with his two daughters when she saw Desmet sitting in a parked car in front of the victim’s house.

In December, Desmet, 64, contacted Seattle Municipal Court to set up a wedding date. Staff at Jarrod, the Galleria of Jewelry, contacted her "fiancé" to find out how he would be paying for her wedding ring.
On March 2, prosecutors charged Desmet with felony stalking. When police arrested Desmet, she admitted knowing about an anti-harassment order but thought the order was not real, investigators said. She told officers that she believed the man she is accused of stalking had invaded her computer and was the one pursuing a romantic relationship, according to police.

Car break-ins, vandalism, prowlers and theft
400 blk S.W. 154th St., 13400 blk 4th Ave. S.W., 200 blk S. 152nd St., 15200 blk Military Rd. S., 200 blk S. 177th Pl., 300 blk S. 177th Pl., 1000 blk S. 124th St., 16200 blk 16th Ave. S.W., 14300 blk 1st Ave. S., 12700 blk 1st Ave. S., 2200 blk S. 112th St., 1200 blk S.W. 118th, 200 blk S. 162nd, 300 blk S.W. 146th St., 14600 blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 12300 blk 28th Ave. S., 12400 blk 28th Ave. S., 400 blk S.W. 152nd St., 600 blk S. 152nd St., 11300 blk 26th Ave. S., 11600 blk 1st Ave. S., 17400 blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 3200 blk S. 152nd St., 2900 blk S. 192nd St., 3000 blk S. 154th St., 1000 blk S. 129th St., 200 blk S. 152nd St., 15400 blk 8th Ave. S.W.

Residential burglaries and break-ins
900 blk S.W. 124th St., 15400 blk 8th Ave. S.W., 2100 blk S.W. 156th St., 1600 blk S.W. 152nd St., 1000 blk S.W. 124th St., 16400 blk Sylvester Rd., 1000 blk S.W. 116th St., 200 blk S. 124th St., 800 blk S.W. 127th St., 400 blk S. 140th St., 12300 blk 4th Ave. S., 13600 blk 1st Ave. S.W., 16400 blk 8th Ave. S.W., 3000 blk S.W. 172nd St., 2700 blk S.W. 149th Pl., 12400 blk 1st Ave. S.W., 900 blk S.W. 130th St., 12100 blk Marine View Drive.

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