A vintage poster for the Copacabana nightclub in New York City.

Jerry's View: On the town in New York local guys find adventure

Some years back I was in New York traveling with former partner Al Sneed.

We were looking for printing equipment but we had some time for sightseeing and noticed Jack Dempsey's restaurant.

For youngsters reading this, Dempsey was once the world champion heavyweight boxer so we decided to have breakfast there.

A young lady greeted us with a smile and showed us to a table.

A waiter about our age came over with menus and in a heavy German accent greeted us. He said, “My name is Max and I am your vaiter. I am from South America and I vas a soldier for Adolph Hitler during the var and someday I vill go back to Chermany because Chermany will rise again.”

Al and I were both a little stunned but ordered our breakfast and while in the kitchen the lady who had greeted us came to our table and asked if everything was okay.

We said there was no problem so she left and Max came back to bring us some water and in the process he nervously dropped a glass of water on the table and it ran over the edge into my lap. Max grabbed a napkin and tried to dry my lap and I tried to stop him. He finally stopped and left to get us our food but leaned over and said to us, " Tell her Max is a goot vater "

Then the lady came over to us and asked if everything was okay.

"Max seems to be okay though a little nervous," we said.

We finally got fed but as we went out the door she was talking to him without smiling. I don’t think he had much future at Dempsey’s.

Later the same day we went to a show on Broadway at Times Square and we had only four blocks but it was busy so we jumped into a cab and the fare was a ninety-five cents so I gave the driver a dollar bill and as we got out the driver handed me the change and said." Here. Nickels is for kids.”

That night, after seeing the Bowery, the Brooklyn Bridge, Macys, the Metropolitan Museum and the Empire State Building it was time to eat so we got a cab to take us to the best nightclub for dinner.

The cabbie dropped us off at New York's most famous nightspot, the Copacabana and when I knocked on a closed door, a little window opened up and a burly-faced guy asked what I wanted and before I could answer he growled “NO STEAKS TONIGHT” and slammed the window closed.

I was about to knock on the door again but Al said, "I think he said” NO STAGS TONIGHT."

I was about to tell the face in the window we could eat chicken but we decided to try to find a McDonald's.

Next time we will try to see the Statue of Liberty and Coney Island.

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