LETTER: Rebutting anti-Obama letter

I am a supporter of President Obama.

This is in response to the intolerant, misinformed letter published in the Highline Times last week from the right-winger who opposes Obama and states you cannot be a Christian and vote for Obama.

First of all let me state that I do not believe that Biblical prophecy or ANY religious dogma for that matter should be any part of our SECULAR political system.

I personally think that Biblical prophecy is lunacy, but in any case my agnostic beliefs should have no relevance in this country’s electoral process, which guarantees FREEDOM FROM religious intolerance, which the writer of this piece was clearly advocating.

GOP for me stands for Greedy Oppressive Perpetrators of social injustice and inequality.

The writer incorrectly states that every fourth grader knows that socialism has failed in every country at every time in history. This is patently wrong and maybe he should have asked a fifth grader who might know better?

As a matter of fact the United States ranks 23rd in the HDI index (standard of living) which measures composite statistics of life expectancy, education and income.

Almost every country that ranks higher than the United States is a socialistic society. I think that the anti-Obama letter ranter should educate himself on what the word socialism means and its socio-economic impact is on the middle class, that is, if he is able to stop listening to the Fox News Channel for a few minutes.

John Poitras

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