Pro Normandy Pk. Prop. 1--Lifting Normandy Park’s Levy lid makes city viable

By Karen Steele
Chairman, Pro Committee for Prop. 1
(Editor’s Note: A statement opposing Proposition 1 will be posted later.)

As Chairman of the Pro Committee for Proposition 1 (Normandy Park) along with Clark Brant and John Rankin, I wrote a formal, comprehensive and factual Pro statement that is published in the Voter's Pamphlet. (I am also Chairman of Citizens Saving Normandy Park).

This is an adjunct to that statement. It is equally as factual and heartfelt.

For Citizens of Normandy Park, the question is: 'Why Should I Vote for Proposition 1?” which is calling for an increase in property taxes. Lifting the levy lid would allow NP to stay viable while we work towards a long-term remedy. More importantly, this levy lid lift sends all newly collected funds directly to our City.

Many people consider this an opportunity to stand up for their City; A way to show support and pride as a member of their community and pay their fair share for the privilege of living there.

Some people wonder why Proposition 1 is on the ballot, not realizing that they have been enjoying a lower levy on their property than those in Des Moines and Burien.

Many people consider voting for Proposition 1 an honor, being part of a community that bands together when the going gets tough and does not throw away all that has been achieved.

Many people would not want to see the demise of a city that has been in existence since 1953. They relish the opportunity to be part of the solution that will perpetuate this Gem of a city and want to be part of the solution that helps it thrive.

Some people say, "I am against any increase in property taxes, no matter what". The reality is that you will be paying an increase in your property taxes no matter what - if you don't vote "yes" to an increase in property taxes in Normandy Park, you will be paying an increase to another city.

Some people worry about property values and rightfully so. Why? Because your home values may decrease. Normandy Park Police answer calls with a response time that is unprecedented. You will not have this expeditious response without your own Police Department.
Violent crime is on the rise all around us. We enjoy a lower crime rate due to our expert and professional Police Officers who respond immediately. In addition to losing this precious protection, your homeowners insurance may increase without a local police department. Our Police know the neighborhood and know the neighbors from all they have been doing, every day, for years. Other police do not know us like our own. Without a 'yes' vote, they will go away.

Some people ask, 'why don't we cut the salaries of those who work in City Hall?' We have already done that; we have cut our budget to the bone, maybe even to the marrow. If our city employees' salaries are cut further, our overworked City employees may leave.

Some people may look at this as an opportunity to withhold their 'yes' vote to get back, get even or even 'payback'. Withholding your 'yes' vote will ensure that you have no City Hall to complain to, no Police to protect you and if you fall down, there will be no one to answer your emergency.

Many people question where we will go for the City services that are presently so convenient and are often taken for granted, should this Proposition not pass.

If all of us get together and vote 'yes', we can save our city, our community, our way of life and our property values. Our families can continue to enjoy our fine city and one of the best places to live in Washington.

Vote 'YES'....the City you Save is your Own!

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