LETTER: Divine Dabbling or Political Gain?

There has been a not-so-subtle remark, from the Right, that President Obama seeded hurricane Sandy that is now devastating the East Coast.

Apparently, he could both divert news attention from the economy, as the election looms, as well as get lots of mileage out of his heroic rescue efforts.

What an utterly ridiculous idea!! Is God supporting Obama, to allow this national disaster to occur on his watch? Otherwise, The Almighty could have waited until the end of January, until Romney believes that he will be President instead.

GW Bush had his chance with Katrina - and blew that!! He kept reassuring the public that all was going well – with just the opposite being the truth. Yes, there were Bush critics that pondered whether the Bush Admin was behind the attack on 9-11, to give a surge to his presidency and provide an opportunity to pull the US into Iraq for his (and Big Oil’s) ulterior motives. Or at least that they let it happen.

And there was tremendous outrage from the Right – to hear of such ridiculous talk!! Treasonous, to say the least! Of course, now that Democrats occupy the White House and the GOP wants it back – well, that’s different. Just as the ocean/rivers/lakes are raging back East, that can never compare to the hypocrisy raging throughout the Republican Party!

It has been flowing for decades and growing stronger by the minute – with Captain Romney in the bridge of their ship. I grew up in the South and there was swift justice for con artists.

If President Obama does in fact have control over the storms, at will, then I would request that he also wipe out our national debt, create a bazillion jobs by next Monday – and maybe turn all that flooding water back East into wine so some serious partying could help soothe the wounds!

Those desperate people could deserve to get totally smashed by the time Sandy is done with the havoc. Romney takes the position that the Federal government needs to stay out of such disasters, that the locals need to manage such problems on their own.

That is such a typical conservative mantra: ‘Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!’ Well, what if your boots washed away into the next town, along with your house and car - and the New Jersey pier??

David S. Gooding
Normandy Park

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