LETTER: Surprised about vote

I am a resident of Burien since 1994. Previously, I was a resident of White Center from 1971 until I left White Center in 1994. The reason I left White Center was due to three robberies of my home--1978, 1985 and 1990.

These were not what prompted my wife and I to sell our house and move to Burien. It was the police protection, fire department response and town response to keeping Burien clean and orderly, which was lacking in White Center.

I had taken part and was involved in many White Center programs but I was frustrated in the town’s lack of moving forward.

With the issue to annex North Highline I was a bit dubious that any change to match the progress that Burien has done would be reflected in White Center. The vote for the lower half of North Highline disappointed me as I was hoping that all of White Center would be annexed.

I attended several meetings and more than half the people were positive about annexing to Burien. There were some statements made about Burien being broke and not having good government but all the questions were answered to dispel all the questions. I was sure that the vote would be in favor of annexing.

After I read the letter to the editor reporting the nay vote in the Highline Times Nov. 23 issue, I read the letter from the Malo PAC crowing. And I saw why the vote went the way it did.

Malo went on his own and must have convinced other businesses of the negative result to business in White Center.

In my opinion, there have been many negative arguments made contrary to what I heard at the meetings.

I had never heard of this Malo PAC. Too bad this was not covered in the papers to understand how 64 percent of the people could swing their vote in 90 days. I believe that there should be a review of the ongoing soliciting of the votes.

What the White Center population ignored was the county ruling that all rural areas must be joined to a city. My question at this point is what will Malo and his PAC respond to the county directive? You will not always beat city or county law.

John Newmaster, USN. Ret.

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