Letter--4 more years of Imperial Presidency

At the beginning of the new year we are faced with four more years of an Imperial Presidency voted into power by those not really aware of his agenda and followers who continue to think he really cares about you.

My hat is off to this newspaper that seems to print letters about any subject in comparison to the Seattle Times who are very reticent about any letters that denigrate this administration.

Gun control is a big thing in the news now. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton put the Second Amendment in for a reason.

Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Amin, Lenin and bow Obama and those like Sen. Feinstein want to confiscate in spite of what they say.

In the United Kingdom it is illegal to own a gun and handgun homicides have doubled because the bad guys don’t care about your silly laws.

Re. Now the Gulf Oil Spill where Obama shut down drilling and sent the rigs to Brazil and, as it turns out, to George Soros-controlled leases—hmm.

I suggest you go to the Website of Western Journalism and look for the audio of “NC Police warns of Martial Law in early 2013” and ConservativeByte.com for the letter written by an ex-Marine to Diane Feinstein—“No Ma’am, Letter from U.S. Marine to Diane Feinstein goes viral.”

You can continue to live in your dream world of social justice and government knows best while the leaders of the USA play footsy with the Muslim Brotherhood and the homosexual and abortion worlds or you can wake up and know what is going on and save your kids and grandkids from our fearless leaders.

Phil Stanat
Des Moines

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