LETTER: Appalled at anti-Obama letter

I am quite appalled with Mr. Phil Stanat's letter that appeared in the Jan. 25th edition of your newspaper.

I am not a political person but it was enormously offensive to see President Obama lumped with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Amin.

Should Mr. Stanat be living in the era of these rulers he would be in danger of becoming a "missing person."

He also stated in his letter, "in the United Kingdom it is illegal to own a gun and handgun homicides have doubled because the bad guys don't care about your silly laws."

The death rate in the United States from firearm related deaths is 10.2 per l00, 000 people (2010). Two thirds of these deaths are suicides.

In the United Kingdom the death rate is .25 per 100,000 people and .04 of these are homicides. (2011) We in America are 90 times more likely to be murdered with a firearm than a jolly old Englishman. Silly laws, I think not!

It is a huge privilege to live in America even with all the warts and flaws but we have work to do. I hope to see the assault weapons and high capacity clips no longer so easily available to those people in our society who wish to do harm to others.

Nancy Hogue

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