Pass the love to special ones with lots of appreciation

Blazing life’s various love trails is an adventure to always be remembered. Love is among the most intangible, yet precious gifts we give or receive. The indescribable joy and sometimes miserable pain of love can be both breathtaking and heartbreaking.

Does love find us--or do we find love? Haven’t we all kissed a few frogs before finding the prince or princess of our life? Or maybe you’re still in love’s process of transition. If so, may Cupid soon appear with a perfect Valentine designed just for you. For some, love is just a memory.

Author and poet Robert Frost wrote, “Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”

Parents who fondly, or not so fondly, recall their kid’s teen-age “love-crush” years can appreciate Author Jules Renard words, “Love is like an hourglass with the heart filling up -– as the brain empties.”

John Ciardi wrote, “Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged and the mutual dependence of the old.”

Regardless of one’s age, sweethearts agree Valentine’s Day is a day not to be forgotten. It’s said, “Love grows best in a fertile field of humor.”

If you forget your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, the laugh may well be on you and it will not be funny.

Gifts are tokens of love that inspire us. Partners for life relationships are built wisely on a foundation of love and not primarily material things. The only winner in a not well thought-out marriage is the divorce attorney’s bank account.

Oscar Wilde observed, “Men as a rule love with their eyes. Women love with their ears.”

My Valentine guy, Gordy Byers, to whom I gave my heart in marriage, made sure there was daily time for us to sit at the dining table in the evenings sharing ups and downs of that day. Often laughing at dumb things we’ve done in life, sometimes applauding wise decisions made, such as marrying each other.

Gordy and I met the first time, surprisingly, at Butler’s Gas Station that was located next to Des Moines Theater. Days later we unexpectedly saw each other at the then Four Winds restaurant, now Mandarin Kitchen.

He was great in conversation with a life history filled with interesting worldwide traveling. One year later in 1973, we married.

It didn’t take long to find I missed him lots when he was gone. A precious memory of our life together lives forever.

Our love was a Valentine’s story that sadly took Gordy away suddenly with a brain hemorrhage in 1990, five days before Christmas.

I’m no expert about love, although I am a graduate of enough life experience to say such love does exist and it’s a very happy place to be.

Have you noticed how behavior of pets in some ways is quite like human feelings when it comes to love and trust?

Animals love caring owners. Watch big horses nuzzle up to their caregivers, huge elephants swing their long trunk over the shoulder of an animal keeper or dogs and cats having fun at play. My little dog, Miss Katrina’s innocent love is clear when she runs to greet friends.

Gifts of candy, flowers, dinner out and special love greeting cards are the stronghold of Valentine’s Day in our century.

Still, it’s kind of thorny to celebrate good things about love when America’s loved ones are fighting a bitter war. If only there was a strong, healthy true love that could drown out blazing fires of hates and war. Everyday we live in America and other war-free countries is the perfect day to celebrate love.

It’s said: “Recognizing love is the compelling oasis for all human need and existence, the balance that makes everything worthwhile, the catapult that energizes desires to create a better world.”

Love is a precious gift to protect, preserve, treasure and watch it grow.

When we celebrate the ultimate decision of love and marriage, we also open the miracle of clear, loving, trusting little faces of our children and grandchildren. That is where the power of love will long live in Valentine hearts of tender care.

There is no finer, sincere, demonstration of treasured love than an unsolicited, spontaneous, hug from our children and grandchildren.

Yes, true love can be found. So on this special day, pass that love to your special people with hugs, kisses, chocolates, flowers, memories, dinner by candlelight and lots of appreciation!

And if you’re driving home without a Valentine remembrance, catch the next off-ramp pronto!

Isn’t LOVE Grand! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s Thought: All people still smile in the same language. (Proverb)

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