Bill Cullins of Burien is off on a Walkabout, a journey of self discovery around America. More than just a vacation Cullins hopes to learn more about himself and America and share it in a series of videos he is posting on Youtube.

Walkabout America: A journey of self discovery

Burien man is documenting his travels on YouTube as he journeys around America


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Editors Note: Burien resident Bill Cullins has had many careers from sales, to service, always seeking to reinvent himself in an effort to learn more about himself and the world. He has now embarked on a Walkabout. A journey of self discovery which he is documenting on YouTube with videos that show where he is, who he has met, and what he has learned, as he travels across America.

By Bill Cullins

One day it just stuck me like a brick!

I am over 50! I was just 20, what just happened?
I have spoken to many friends who had the exact same experience. Yet as my good friend Jeff reminds me, 'Bill you don't know how good you have it.'

With minimal expenses, no stress, amazing health, lots of free time it does give one options. Yet not too long ago it was a far, far different experience. As life always does, it sent me a curve ball, but with the baseball bat first. Right to the back of my head.

During that difficult time one of my customers who loved to travel loaned me Charles Kuralt's "The Perfect Year" audio book.

It was wonderful. After retiring Charles who had traveled the USA for 25 years on the back roads and byways writing and creating the smash hit "On The Road" series for CBS Television decided to have a perfect year, just for himself. He spent 1 month in 12 locations having his perfect year.

As an award winning journalist he seized my attention and captivated me. I have never really seen much of this wonderful country we have, and due to my challenging circumstances I longed to just "run away" and live that dream. I listened more than 7 times to his stories with deep longing to be far away from my problems.

That was years ago and by the grace of God's goodness, the problems are gone, but the dream remained.

This last year was an amazing year for me with many, many unexpected blessings. And Jeff who loves road trips said many times, "Bill take a road trip." I mused this over and over pondering the options. Then came the questions, is this possible with...

Low cost?
High flexibility?
Cash flow?

You have to understand I am perfectly comfortable at the hostel on at the Grand Wialea five star resort in Hawaii. No self image problems here, I carry joy inside me so it is not something to be found but I bring it with me as most who know me will attest.

I bought a new iPad and I took it as a challenge to document my experience. I have a background and experience in video production. But I hate to watch boring stuff so I asked myself, what would others like to see?

There is where the idea for my Walkabout videos came from. Taking the raw footage from the day and doing the editing is a wonderful outlet in the evenings. Matter of fact as I write this I am in my "truck suite" on the beautiful Oregon coast.

My truck suite began as a passing thought. I got a new truck for my work. It was new to me but is actually a 1995 Nissan with only 26,000 miles. That right, for you car buffs it is 20 years of age and 26,000 miles. And if you don't hate me yet listen to this, it was garaged for those 20 years and my customer blessed me with it for only $2500. Thank you Hank.

Well I love to camp but hate to be cold and wet so I put my mind to work. If you see the pics I fixed up my truck with 6 inch pine tongue and groove, insulated, heated, mood lighting, comfy and warm.

I can pull into any rest area and have my afternoon nap.

It is only day two and I am heading south along highway 101 the far west road in the states. I am heading south to until I get warm then east towards Arizona. I have 4 months and no real plans exception go out there and I have all my work gear (window washing equipment) with me so I can easily earn money as I go.

So the dream has now become the adventure. It's much more than just a vacation. It's a journey I want people to join with me about as I meet amazing people, visit amazing places and get to know both myself and America better.

I hope you will enjoy the videos I have uploaded on YouTube and you are welcome subscribe or to friend me on Facebook at

You can follow my trip on my YouTube Channel here:

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