Homicide investigation tops police blotter

By Matt Wendland

100-year-old SeaTac man’s death being investigated as homicide
Suspicious circumstances around the death of 100-year-old SeaTac resident, Robert O. Benson, are leading police to treat this case as a homicide. According to SeaTac police, a friend of Benson become concerned after he did not show up for a coffee meeting the two had been keeping for over 40 years. When the man went to Benson’s home to investigate, there he found his body. The cause of death has yet to be released but because the man was missing his wallet, police are asking for the public’s help in gathering more information about the case. Though over the age of 100, Benson was considered to be in good health and independently lived in the SeaTac home he and his family had lived in for decades. Police are asking anyone with information that could be relevant to the case to call the King County Sheriff’s Department’s nonemergency line at 206-296-3311.

Police investigate letter claiming Bill Gates and Paul Allen are serial killers
According to the King County Sheriff’s Department, on the evening of June 23, a resident on in the Unincorparted King County neighborhood of North Highline called police to their home to investigate a suspicious letter that was hand delivered to their mail box. Police described the mail as a “hate letter” that contained several pages of inflammatory statements including claims that Paul Allen, owner of the Seahawks, is an LSD addicted serial killer and a number of conspiracies related to Bill Gates and his family. The resident of the home where the letter was delivered was not reported to have given police information about who may have delivered the letter but an investigation has been opened. Police have yet to release information regarding interviewing Paul Allen and Bill Gates on the accusations and claims made in the letter.

Home and Business Break-in/Burglary:
100 Blk S.W. 148th St., 15800 Blk 1st Ave. S., 100 Blk S. 152nd St., 200 Blk S.W. 153rd St., 200 Blk S. 152nd St., 300 Blk S. 112th St., 15000 Blk S. 150th St., 1800 Blk S. 136th St., 4200 Blk S. 172nd St., 1000 Blk S.W. 128th St., 1100 Blk S.W. 139th St., 11400 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 11400 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 11300 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 12300 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 600 Blk S.W. 120th St., 14300 Blk 1st Ave. S., 200 Blk S.W. 139th St., 12600 Blk 24th Ave. S., 12600 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 1600 Blk S. 124th St., 1600 Blk S.W. 152nd St.

Auto Break-in/Theft:
15600 Blk 8th Ave. S., 14800 Blk 4th Ave. S., 15400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 15200 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 14400 Blk 26th Ave. S., 16600 Blk 34th Ave. S., 16900 Blk 31st Pl. S., 4400 Blk S. 170th St., 11800 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 11800 Blk 9th Ave. S.W., 14200 Blk 1st Ave. S.W., 200 Blk S.W. 116th St., 13600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 10800 Blk 26th Ave. S., 12400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 11800 Blk 26th Ave. S.

14600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 200 Blk S. 177th Pl., 11000 Blk Occidental Ave., 9900 Blk 14th Ave. S., 15400 Blk Pacific Hwy. S., 17600 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 3400 Blk S. 162nd St., 3400 Blk S. 180th Pl., 16600 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 11700 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S.W., 12200 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 1100 Blk S.W. 139th St., 11800 Blk 1st Ave. S., 1000 Blk S.W. 126th St., 14300 Blk 1st Ave. S., 12400 Blk Roseburg Ave. S.

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