Letter to the Editor: SHOULD WE BE SCARED?

Republican strategists are attempting to scare the American people by promising that Bernard Sanders, when president, would turn the United States into a Scandinavian-style welfare state. I am not endorsing Sanders or anyone else here yet simply want to encourage others to get informed first. Honestly, should we be scared and get emotional about this potential shift – or not? I have heard the conservative rants many times before: 'That's Socialism, we don't want that!' And so I ask them this question in return, 'What is socialism, I forgot?' 'I have no idea – BUT WE DON'T WANT IT!' Would you walk into a room with a zephyll without first being reassured that it is safe? A monster that will eat you alive – or cuddly as a bunny?

Points of interest in a Scandinavian-style government: Rich/poor, old/young, male/female - as long as you are not dead - you have access to health-care. No problem of price, no complicated system to wade through, no loopholes to fall through, no insecurity. And the view has been expressed that average Americans are afraid of the idea of the federal government running one big health care program. I, on the other hand, am afraid of the idea of one private for-profit company running one big health care program – which is pending now. Where is the concern there? Another point to consider: No matter who you are, whatever background you come from, you can get the education and training that you desire - and possibly with no cost to you personally. For any further studies, work outside the mainstream, there are cheap loans available.

I refuse to use the term 'free' loosely in association with these two public services (health-care and education) since all are paying into the system somehow. Each adds items to the pot - meat, onions, vegies, broth, etc - and then all get a delicious bowl of stew in return. There is a safety net there, whenever you need it. Now that sounds horrible, I now realize! Why would we want that in our country??

No one is suggesting – Sanders or anyone else – that we become Sweden, Norway, Denmark... Canada, England, Germany. We just desperately need to  make some positive changes in our own country to ensure that 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' are attainable for everyone here, not just a privileged few.

David S. Gooding
Normandy Park WA 98166

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