LETTER: Good old liberal left-wing Seattle

To the editor:

Soon we will be voting in the most contentious election probably since the civil war as one of Hillary’s “Deplorable s” who will vote for Donald Trump I list the reasons why voting for anyone in the Democratic party is, for me, beyond the pale….the Communist Party USA has endorsed Clinton/Kaine due to the sameness of their platforms which also in this day and age are undoubtedly also in the Social Justice Warrior Training Manual...false narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement and its potential conex with the Muslim Brotherhood to foment civil disruption...Islam is a religion of peace/we all worship the same god...environmentalism as a religion/climate change/Hillary’s attack on the coal industry..same sex marriage and the nonsense of transgender bathrooms/ the LGBT attack on the family and traditional beliefs..abortion and Obama’s support of Planned Parenthood/Stem Express.. “God Bless Planned Parenthood”..anti Israel/Pro Palestinian actions..Obama’s insane immigration policies/open boarders/sanctuary cities.. (A reminder t look at the myriad problems caused by these same immigrants in Europe/no go areas/Religious leaders in Sweden say Christians should not wear crosses as its offensive to Muslims!!)..gun control and assaults on the 2nd amendment...Tim Kaine’s experience in Central America and his adherence to liberation theology..the Iran nuclear deal...requiring voter ID is “racist”. . (what isn’t these days??) ..gov’t mandated$15/hr min wage.. Sanders/Clinton’s “free” public college….anti police rhetoric from highest level.. I also ask all you hopefully knowledgeable voters, do you know who Saul Alinsky was, who George Soros is..who Mara Salvatruch/MS13 is..the dangers and supporters of Sharia Law...taqiyya...what is bach bazi...are you aware of the Malachy Prophecies about papal succession and the dangers of the current pope Francis and why Benedict quit (think death threats from the Muslim world due to his outspokenness)..lets not forget all the urchins in college who need their safe spaces and cannot tolerate opinions or facts they disagree with..Vote for who you want, but at least know what is going on..Trump may not walk on water, but we are not electing a national pastor..and I predict if Hillary does get in, she will not last 4 years due to illness or her past catching up with her, legally speaking. If you are too “high minded” not to vote as you don’t like either candidate or third party.. Well then don’t complain about what you do or don’t get..remember November 8th.. Oh and how about Satanic after school programs here in good ole liberal left wing Washington?? Pay attention people..

Phil Stanat

Des Moines

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