LETTER: The streets have voices

To the editor:

Signs stating “Not My President”, says it all. A wide spread backlash of echoes across America. The trauma and shock of Donald Trump’s win has caused fear, pain and anger for millions of Americans and undocumented immigrants. That will not go away.

Any future sign of reactions stopping, will only be in remission. The disease of Trumps hate, racism, sexism and dividing America has extremely serious implications yet to come. It’s not just a simple well wishers “respect” coming from Vladamir Putin and the KKK. What more proof do we need by the appointment of Steve Bannon. To the Trump gang.

Make no mistake about it. Trump is what he thinks. Also when Trump says what he means but, doesn't mean what he says. It is insane flip flopping and further proof, Trump is dangerous and he can never be trusted on any level.

However, with the ill help of his advisors Trump has set himself up. Trump has ex halted himself as being the voice for what his follower want to hear. Now they will expect him to deliver!

In closing, I imagine it’s like taking an uneducated guy with no experience about complex world of software and making him the CEO of Microsoft.

Des Moines

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