LETTER: About ‘pagans’ marching for fear

To the editor:
One must disagree with "Harold", another real American who is afraid to use his last name. I voted for Trump, and Harold and all the others who didn't, need to realize that we inaugurated PRESIDENT Trump on Jan 20, not Hillary, or Bernie or Eliz Warren & for that matter you know why none of the above were elected??..The DNC lost specifically because of Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth, Harry Reid, Nancy
Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, the climate change crowd, the transgender/LGBTXYZ crowd, the open borders crowd, the murder of the unborn crowd et al and I could go on all nite. "Harold's" comments about Trump and his clowns could apply exactly to Obama and his "clowns", syncophants et al in the media, entertainment, etc who were selling us "leadership" that bad mouthed America, bad mouthed Israel, bad mouthed TRADITIONAL values for the new age values of "Progressivism" and their "values"..We see this same nonsense in all these pink hat "marches" for "rights" around the world today..As a firm believer in Bible prophecy, I see crowds of "pagans" marching for fear of losing their "rights"..bringing their
kids in and teaching them "progressive values", spitting and drooling their invectives against PRESIDENT Trump. All you righteous marchers better thank your moms that they were pro- life or otherwise most of you wouldn't be carrying your silly signs.

And by the way, the only pro-lifers in the march were protesting your march, not joining in the celebrating . You all have a nice day.

Phil Stanat

Editor’s note: “Harold” prefers to not use his last name. But we have it on file.

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