LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous

In 2004, the FBI raided a terrorist safe house in Annandale, Virginia and discovered a copy of the plan for the Muslim Brotherhood’s take over for America..titled “ An Explanatory Memorandum of the Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”.

Remember, ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas and basically every terror organization came from the Muslim Brotherhood...These are the highpoints of their plan to take over YOUR country...1/Expand the Muslim presence in the US by birth, immigration and refusal to assimilate...2/Occupy and Expand domination of physical spaces. 3/Ensure the Muslim Community knows and follows Muslim B’Hood doctrine...4/Control the language America uses in describing Islam and terrorism...5/Co-opt key American leadership...6/Enforce compliance with Shariah law at local levels...7/Fight, resist and undermine all counterterrorism efforts...8/ Subvert RELIGIOUS organizations...9/Conduct lawfare...lawsuits and threats of same. 10/Claim victimization and demand accommodations...11/Condemn as “slander” all criticism of Islam...12/ Subvert the US education system, infiltrating an dominating US Middle East Studies programs 13/Demand the right to practice Shariah in segregated Muslim spheres... 15/Confront and denounce Western society, laws and traditions...16/DEMAND that Shariah replace US LAW..As one who never votes for Democrates, part of the blame goes back to George W. Bush who made the PC statements “Islam is a religion of peace”, and “Yes, I believe we all worship the same god”. ...Needless to say, his successor, Mr. Obama while maintaining he was a Christian for 8 long years, installed members of the Muslim B’hood in key positions in his administration, said we are not a Christian nation, also said “I believe the Muslim call to prayers is the most beautiful sound in the world...celebrates Ramadan in the White House...”imports” tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, of which only 56 are Christian and the rest Muslim...As this is being written the Court decision re President Trumps immigration ban has not been decided...In my opinion which no one asked for, it needs to be put in for an indefinite period, not 90 days..just be aware of the big picture and not what self serving politicians and silly protestors with their equally silly signs would have you believe.

Phil Stanat

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