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How to Become a Comic

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

A sense of humor has risen to the top of the pot, as they say. I certainly can’t remember a time when people didn’t find laughter in life. Since no one has recorded the comedy quotient of the cave people we don’t know if they laughed when the burly male broke his club by mistake. But in recorded time, there have always been humorists to lighten the atmosphere. Since I began on the speaking circuit I have received more requests for humor talks than anything else. With society getting more complex and more stressful from year to year humor is more in demand.

When I was at church recently a woman approached me to ask when I was going on the comedy stage again. It turns out that she has conjured up enough nerve to actually climb up on the stage, even after turning 80 years of age. When I told her that I did comedy for the first time at age 80, it gave her courage. There is no time like the present, right? All it takes is to give oneself permission to try anything that is possible and there are no limits.

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