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Man with knife on the roof of Highline Hospital draws police response

Burien police, King County Sheriff deputies and Normandy Park Police responded to a report of a man, armed with a knife on the roof of the Highline Hospital on Thursday morning just after 11:40am.

The man, suspected of being delusional according to radio calls between police officers, was reportedly sitting on the edge of the roof, talking to officers, just before Noon.

Scanner traffic indicated that police were responding tactically, taking positions in the building. A negotiator was talking with the man according to police chatter.

A crowd formed watching the man and were asked to step away by police.

The man requested cigarettes and police acted to honor that request. A couple and one other person in the window of the hospital were shooting video of the subject and police moved to ask them to stop.

The man could be heard shouting obscenities in the background over police radio. He was sitting on the ledge of the building prompting police to give him a little space.

Police planned to subdue the subject with a variety of means if he did not voluntarily surrender. They discussed using a "nine banger" or flash grenade

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