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Burien’s Got Something to Say

by Michele Smith

It’s no secret that Burien has an image problem. People who don’t live here or have never been, often think of it as a poverty-ridden extension of White Center somewhere by the airport. The fact that Burien shares the same waterfront with some of the most expensive waterfront and Puget Sound/Olympic Mountain view real estate as West Seattle and Des Moines is lost and the city council aims to change that.

At its January 2015 retreat, the Council identified branding as a top priority for city action this year an effort that is supported in part by a B&O tax increase targeted at funding local economic development.

Dan Trimble, Burien’s Economic Development Manager explains: “A community’s brand plays a big role in defining and relaying its success. All sorts of brand impressions are created for Burien by people who maybe don’t know Burien as well as the community itself does, and we want to make sure we’re telling our story ourselves, authentically and effectively. We need a brand that is up to date and an ongoing branding effort that supports the community’s vision."

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