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Christopher Dearth, pictured here being awarded as Officer of the Month by Washington's Most Wanted in April of 2014, was fired on May 1 following a drunken boating incident in Tacoma.

KCSO fires deputy after he gets drunk, loses gun and badge, and assaults Tacoma police officer

By Tim Clifford

Chris Dearth, a (former) Sheriff’s deputy working with the SeaTac Police Department was fired May 1 following an investigation into a boating incident that occurred along the Tacoma Narrows in January. Reportedly Dearth got drunk, operated a small motor boat, left his gun and badge on the dock and assaulted police officers who confronted him.

On Jan. 19, around noon, the 28-year-old off duty deputy took off in a small motor boat from the Narrows Marina in Tacoma. Dearth was spotted by marina workers, who also observed that he appeared drunk, speeding towards an off limit area of the marina where there are low hanging electrical wires. After getting his boat tangled in the lines and causing over $300 worth of damage Dearth left the scene.
About 90 minutes after this sighting a group of teenagers and a photographer reported to marina staff and police that they had found Dearth’s badge and gun sitting on the dock.

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