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Photos by Tim Robinson
Burien Mayor Lucy Krakowiak invited kids to take part in the ribbon-cutting of the new Dottie Harper Park playground.

Park renovation features climbing rocks, a slide and swings

Local kids got a new park today when Burien opened Dottie Harper Park Playground on 146th and 6th S.W.

Included in the work was a new roof on the Burien Community Center .The two projects came about through a partnership between the City of Burien and King County Community Development Block Grant Program and was funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of Burien.
Burien’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan adopted in February 2012 had identified this playground as being in need of replacement. Safety and accessibility standards for playgrounds have evolved over the years, and the PaRCS Department has sought to update the City’s various playgrounds as resources become available. In 2013, the Burien City Council authorized the upgrades to this playground and added it to the City’s Park & General Government Capital Improvement Program. At the same time, PaRCS staff began exploring the potential for grant funding, and focused on a traditional, competitive source for such projects: the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

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