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Tim Clifford
“Burien your ordinance stinks”. Council chambers were filled to capacity with citizens and demonstrators. The greater majority of attendants spoke out against ordinance 606.

Protesters takeover Burien council meeting to bring down 606

Demonstrators filled the council chambers and rallied against the city’s controversial trespass ordinance

By Tim Clifford

Nearly a hundred protesters marched from the Burien transit center to the Burien City Hall and Library at 7 p.m. on Feb. 23 to speak out against city ordinance 606. Homeless citizens marched with members from S.A.F.E., the A.C.L.U., and numerous other activist organizations to address councilmembers during a study session for the Burien City Council.

“Burien City Council you can’t hide! We can see your greed inside!” shouted S.A.F.E.’s Joshua Farris from a bullhorn as the line of protesters wound their way into city hall.

Some homeless citizens brought their dogs. One man even brought his pet rat “Link” and introduced him to a few police officers standing near the entrance. As he put it while petting Link “it’s not just people that can be homeless.”

The vast majority of those gathered in the council chambers were there to speak out against the ordinance with only a handful of local business owners attending to support it. Filling the chambers to capacity demonstrators began chanting and calling out for the councilmembers to come down from the second level and begin the meeting.

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