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White Center residents don't want homeless shelter

A petition has been started by some residents of White Center who object to the placement of an emergency shelter for the homeless. Below is the petition.

Do Not Open White Center Emergency Shelter in Residential Neighborhood

The people of White Center are very upset about the Emergency Shelter that is going to open on November 1st of this year. It is set to be located on the corner of 108th and 8th Ave SW. Our community is asking you to put this permit on hold in order for us to have a fair and effective conversation about alternative locations. We, as a community, feel like we know the area extremely well and could offer insight into a location that is best for the homeless folks it will be serving, as well as the community as a whole.
It is truly unfortunate that this has been in planning since November 2015 and the community, including those within 500 feet of the location were just notified one week ago, six weeks before opening day. The neighborhood should have been involved in this decision and are extremely unhappy that they weren't afforded that respect.

This is not a good location for multiple reasons:

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