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Photo by Tim Clifford
Visitors at Saltwater State Park look at the landslide from behind police tape that runs across the walkway. The three homes that were evacuated on Friday sit on top of the bluff above the pathway.

Landslide threatens to devastate homes in Des Moines

Three homes were evacuated near Saltwater State Park after cliff fell away on Friday

On Friday three homes on the 25000 block of 8 Ave. S. in Des Moines, near the entrance to Saltwater State Park, were evacuated after a landslide cut across their backyards. The slide cut nearly 200 feet across the three yards and created a sheer ledge just under 200 feet to the beach below.

None of the homeowners or their pets were injured during the slide.

The worst of the damage struck the home of Gary and Suzy Williams where a portion of their back deck toppled over 40 feet down the cliff during the slide.

“They ended up spending the night with us last night; we live right down in Redondo. He is of course very upset, very depressed, him and his wife Suzy,” said Rick Williams, Gary’s brother, outside of their home on Saturday afternoon.

“They have spent almost all night… I wouldn’t say necessarily crying, but just very emotional,” he explained of the couple.

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