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photo by Eric Mathison
Doug Osterman helped spearhead the restoration and beautification of Miller Creek and Walker Creek where they flow through the Normandy Park Cove property.

Normandy Park Cove goes natural (with helping hands)

By Eric Mathison

Visitors to a new stop on the annual Highline Garden Tour earlier this summer were greatly impressed by its beauty and ecological functionality.

Those who had not been to the Normandy Park Community Club—most people simply call it “The Cove”—in many years were especially delighted.

Before a massive renovation, the sprawling area between the Cove’s Native American-style log house building and Puget Sound was mostly a boring lawn. Walker Creek, in front of the clubhouse, was a straight stream that often flooded.

Maintaining the vast lawn was costly. Also, long-time Normandy Park residents remembered a time when Walker and nearby Miller Creek were filled with salmon and trout.

The community club’s board decided something had to be done.

“It was readily apparent we should try to achieve an ecological fusion of landscape restoration and garden renovation,” declared Doug Osterman, who helped spearhead the project “We knew we would have to do it in a way the community would accept.

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