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The first house built in Gregory Heights is for sale

One of Burien's oldest and most prestigious homes is for sale.
Built In 1929 in Gregory Heights, the Tudor-style mansion was the first house in that part of the community. Since then, it has had only two owners.

Now, the Meerdink family that occupied the house at 2625 S.W. 170th Street since 1957 has put the house on the market.

The family--including father Kenneth, mother Janet and four sons, owned the property for almost 60 years. Kenneth Meerdink died in January. Janet passed away in 2012.

Ken was an electrical engineering supervisor for 33 years (1956-1989) at The Boeing Company in Seattle. Some of his many highlights were working on the Bomarc Program (early 60s), which was the first supersonic long-range surface to air missile made during the Cold War, the Lunar Orbiter program (mid 60s), which helped select Apollo landing sites by mapping the Moon's surface, the Voyager program (mid 70s), Stealth Bomber (early 80s) and concluding his career working on the Condor aircraft (late 80s), built entirely of all-bonded composite materials designed for unmanned, remote-controlled, high-altitude, long-endurance missions.

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