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Patrick Robinson
Vera Johnson, owner of Village Green Perennial Nursery closes the door on a 13 year chapter in her life when she leaves the home and business this summer. She's facing foreclosure for the second time she says at the hands of unscrupulous lenders who have forced her hand.

Village Green Nursery is a mixed bag of green; Vera Johnson’s story is familiar and sad

When Vera Johnson purchased the Village Green Perennial Nursery on 26th SW near White Center in 2003 she saw the business, first established in the 70’s by Teresa Romedo and Bob Berridge, as something she could transform and grow. The 1 3/4 acre piece of land was already something of a nature sanctuary and with a King County culvert running through it, had water for all the native plants.

Vera was encouraged when the business did in fact grow, bringing in over $100,000 a year. But her marriage hit the rocks in 2010 and left her with two children and the mortgage held by Bank of America. She had a 2nd mortgage on another house on the land too.

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