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Photo courtesy of King County Sheriff's Office.
The suspect Robert Studer is believed to have killed his 42-year-old nephew last Thursday.

Man who killed nephew in SeaTac caught in California

After a brief manhunt police have captured the killer uncle from SeaTac

On Sat. Mar. 28 police in Taft, California received information from the King County Sheriff’s Office that SeaTac murder suspect Robert Studer may be at an address in their city. After a short bit of surveillance and a five hour stand-off Studer was caught and arrested by Taft Police.
The information from KCSO led Taft Police to a business on the 400 block of Center Street in Taft; where police spotted Studer’s white 2015 Chevy van with Arizona plates that read “NFLHAWK”. A surveillance team was posted and quickly made a positive I.D. of Studer entering a business on that block.
When officers moved in to arrest him Studer ignored them and quickly ran into the business, locking the doors and barricading himself inside. A SWAT team and negotiators were deployed to the business with Studer refusing to respond. The stand-off lasted five hours with a bomb squad robot being deployed at one point.
Officers finally breached the building and found Studer lying on a bed. He was taken into custody without incident.
Investigators are scheduled to arrive in Taft to assist in the investigation in the next day or two.

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