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Rob Clay
The face of the new Franciscan Medical Pavilion on 1st Avenue at Five Corners.

Franciscan Medical Pavilion set for soft  open ing April 25

               The Highline area has a new healthcare  option now. CHI Franciscan Health announced this week the opening of an prompt care facility in Burien at 16045 1st Ave. S. Just under a year in construction, the walk-in clinic features two separate care divisions. Scheduled primary care and prompt care with entrances for both.
               The state-of-the-art building will accommodate more than 30 skilled physicians, on a ratio of one doctor for every 2.5 patients plus more than 100 staff members.
      Why is there a need here for this type of service? The answer depends on the severity and type of illness or injury. Some options for health care include doctors’ offices and clinics, urgent care clinics, virtual urgent care or hospital emergency rooms. For most medical problems, you should go to your regular health care provider first. Because he or she knows you and your medical history, your regular health care provider is in the best position to deliver expert, personalized care.

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