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Lindsay Peyton
Highline superintendent Susan Enfield asked a line-up of third grade students what they want to do after they graduate from high school. Brayden Chhay, left, said he wanted to be a hero.

Graduate! Highline kick-off rally brings together community in effort to support student success

By Lindsay Peyton

A whole different type of pep rally was held in the Matt Griffin YMCA gym at noon today.

Instead of getting a student body pumped up for an upcoming game, the goal of the event was to ignite passion in the community members for a cause.

The movement is called “Graduate! Highline” – and the mission is to boost the number of students who leave the district with diplomas.

J.D. Hill, executive director of the Matt Griffin YMCA, serves as the community leader for the program.

“It’s a movement driven by the community to push highline graduate rates sky high,” he said. “I represent a team of community members, business leaders, parents, grandparents, friends and advocates, who came together a year ago to see how we can help.”

Hill posed a single question to the audience. “What if the entire community rallied around one goal?”

He outlined the mission -- to promote student success and provide guidance on a path toward graduation and careers beyond the high school years.

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