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Burien drowsy driving case dismissed after prosecutors learn defendant died in February

By Tim Clifford

On April 21 the King County Prosecutor’s Office filed a charge of Vehicular Homicide against 22-year-old Dylan Taylor Powell Morrow following a fatal car crash from 2014.

There was just one issue with this filing: Morrow died this year on Feb. 14.

“We just got word of it yesterday, we will be gathering more information as it comes in” explained Dan Donohoe with the Prosecutor’s Office on April 28, a day before the case was officially dismissed. Prosecutors had been unaware of his passing for over 2 months while examining the case.

Coverage of the charge made it to other news outlets before the Prosecutor’s Office could update them on the status of the case.

The charge was filed following an investigation into a fatal car collision that Morrow was involved in on Feb.28 of 2014. While driving along 4 Avenue S. on his way to work, at 2:45 a.m., Morrow fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over into the oncoming lane, colliding with another car. The other driver, 23-year-old Elwin Trinh, who had just gotten off of a shift at work, was killed at the scene.

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