American Theatre Organ Society performances

Tuesday morning, June 29, at 9:45 and 11:20 A.M., we’re presenting two forty-five minute shows featuring the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ and several of your favorite Kenyon Hall artists.

The occasion is the national convention of the American Theatre Organ Society. On Tuesday, conventioneers will be bused to several Seattle locations to hear the instruments our city has to offer, and we’re going to show them the best of Kenyon Hall, including free Root Beer Floats!

The two morning shows will have only 50 in each audience from the convention, so we’re offering the rest of the seats to our loyal fans.

Performing will be Andy Crow on the Mighty Wurlitzer and the recently acquired 1938 Concert Grand Hammond, New York society pianist Peter Mintun, in town for his July 2 and 3 performances at the hall, Connie Corrick, Hugh Hastings, Louis Magor, and gospel luminary Pat Wright.

Tickets are only $5, and free for children on laps. Space is limited; reservations are recommended. To reserve, e-mail and let us know which show you’d like to attend, and how many seats you’d like. You’ll receive a return e-mail confirming your reservation. We accept cash and checks at the door.