No One Owns the Earth

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

From the beginning of time various creatures roamed the earth. Some grew to enormous proportions during the period of the dinosaurs. Then, because of circumstances beyond their control, they were wiped out. Gradually human beings began to fence off areas and declared these areas private property. Until that time people freely roamed, living off the land, the rivers and oceans. When agriculture developed and people began to dwell on pieces of land rather than roaming about then ownership of land became an issue.

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MY 'short' life in high school

By Tim Robinson

Much of my "short" liife in high school (I was 5-3" as a sophomore) centered around hero worship. Sitting in P.E. class that week I listened at roll call. "Bamburg--here", "Baldwin--here," etal. When the coach got to "Salterelli", my ears perked. I'd heard about a boy named Salterelli who was a very fast runner at Cascade Junior High.

Though I never turned out for the track team in junior high, I always thought I was a fast runner. I was small and light, maybe 105 lbs. Larry Salterelli was built kind of square, not heavy, not lean. He had a chiseled jaw line, even at age 16.

Out on the track that Spring we were running test sprints. I think the coach was looking for track stars of the future. I sprinted my best while the coach timed us. Twelve seconds for 100 yards. I knew that wasn't very fast. I'd done that the year before too
Larry got down in a crouch, sprinting out at "go" finishing with a grimaced look in his face. "ten-five", the coach yelled. Whew! That was fast. That began my hero worship. I knew I could never run that fast but I really enjoyed watching Larry run.

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Scott Anthony: How to Build a Turko

By Scott Anthony

At Fred Meyer, we passed the freezer case and some organic sour cream caught my eye.

“Honey,” I said conspiratorily, “how about we break the Sunday night spaghetti dinner tradition and have Turkos?” She gives the ok, and so I grab a container of the creamy stuff, then pick up some shells and taco seasoning in the next aisle. For the uninitiated, tacos made with turkey meat are what I have branded as ‘Turkos’…just as tacos made from buffalo meat are ‘Bufcos’ and, I suppose, if you made them from, say, duck, they’d be ‘Duckos’. But beef, ‘cowcos’ don’t sound that good. Still with me?

We get home and I begin the preparations, cooking the ground turkey in the skillet with the seasoning mix, chopping the red peppers and tomato, the red onions, and as I work, I sing a little song. ‘Turkos, Turkos, sure is fine, I’d eat Turkos anytime.’

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