Photo by Tim Robinson-1974
Clarence Gresset, WC resident and historian posed for this picture of the remains from a skid road at the Salmon Creek curve, close to where Schick Shadel Hospital is now.

The history of Ambaum Boulevard, Part 2: Hard work

by Rob Clay and Sharon Burkhart*

From Ohio in 1902, Jacob Ambaum arrived with his wife Mary, found work helping clear land for part of the Cedar River rail line near Renton that same year. He also helped clear the land along SW Roxbury St. up to the intersection of McKinnon Rd. (now Delridge) and 16th S.W. in what is virtually downtown White Center.

Seattle was a bustling place at the turn of the century. The city had streetcars all the way to the tide flats at Spokane Street. and across them to the shores of Harbor Avenue. The growth of immigrant families, Italians, Germans, Slavs and a few Irish were intent on developing the south end. Chicken farms became popular along the streetcar line, especially from 120th to 128th in what became part of Burien.

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Jerry Robinson: Publisher, Writer, Golfer, Fisherman but most of all Father

Our publisher Gerald S. "Jerry" Robinson passed away May 30 at the age of 94. He leaves behind a legacy of newspapers, websites, a long history of service to the community and countless friends. He was a man of many talents and interests and through his publishing efforts and consistently positive outlook changed things for the better. But above all those he was a father to his five sons, Mike, Ken, Tim, Patrick, and Scott. When his first wife died in 1968 he went on to marry Elsbeth McDaniel whose own three children, Carla, Linda and Mike joined the family. He became their father too.

Presented here are the thoughts from the family members. If you have thoughts or memories of Jerry you'd like to share please email or via postal mail 14006 1st Ave South, Burien WA 98168.

If you'd like to know more about this remarkable man, you can download his autobiography "Listen to your father" at the link.

His formal obituary is here:

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Jacob Ambaum and wife Mary sit on their porch with family house guest in 1905 (photo from Mary Ambaum Deleuw and "White Center Remembers" by Mike Knapp and Peg Young.

The history of Ambaum Boulevard, Part 1

by Rob Clay and Sharon Burkhart

Editor's note: This is part one of a story about historic Ambaum Boulevard, the main road that connects Burien to White Center and West Seattle. Ambaum Boulevard wasn't always a boulevard and certainly not paved but is currently traveled by thousands of vehicles each day. Here is the story: As told from oral histories of Marian Ambaum Deleuw to Sharon Burkhart in 1992.

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