Where's Waldo?Hiding all over downtown Burien Find him and win prizes.

Page 2 Books is pleased to be the sponsoring business behind the Where’s Waldo search, going on all during July.

Here’s how it works: Little Waldo figures have been hidden in 24 businesses in downtown Burien (all within walking distance of one another, along Southwest 151st, 152nd and 153rd streets). Waldo’s dog Woof is also hidden at Page 2 Books.

Pick up a Where’s Waldo Scavenger Hunt passport at Page 2. Inside is a grid with boxes for each of the participating businesses. When you spot Waldo at any of the businesses listed, collect a store stamp or signature. Do the same for when you spot Woof at Page 2.

When you’ve collected at least 10 store stamps or signatures, bring your passport to Page 2 Books to c laim an “I found Waldo” button and a $1 off coupon good for Waldo merchandise at our store. Coupons are limited to the first 125 Waldo spotters.

If you collect at least 20 of the 25 possible store stamps or signatures, you’ll get a button and a coupon, and be entered into a drawing for a six-volume deluxe set of Waldo books, plus other great prizes.

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Book signing is July 19

July 19th 1-3pm
Burien Books is hosting a free local community event in the form of a book signing and talk from writer, photographer, Washington native and former Burienite Victoria Redhed Miller, on her new book, Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks on Saturday July 19th from 1-3pm.

This author is also available for more in-depth info as she gives many talks in the greater Puget Sound area about raising chickens, sustainability and her experiences.

"Brimming with quiet humor, Pure Poultry is an immensely readable "how-to and why-to" based entirely on personal experience - including plenty of lessons learned the hard way. Pure Poultry shows how heritage-breed poultry can enhance and deepen anyone's quality of life, whether you have a farm, a small backyard, or a neighbor with space to share."

To learn more go to https://www.newsociety.com/Books/P/Pure-Poultry

July 26th 1-3pm

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Burien lawmakers not looking at electric bills to rescue budget

By Eric Mathison

Wherever Burien lawmakers find extra revenue to address the city’s structural deficit, it apparently won’t come from higher bills for Seattle City Light customers.

City Council members are expected to approve July 21 a new 15-year franchise agreement with City Light. Picking from two rate options, a council majority informally indicated July 7 that they favor a lower rate that would leave customer bills about the same but would not create extra revenue for the city.

Under the favored lower-cost option, City Light would charge Burien customers six percent more than its charges city of Seattle customers. In turn, City Light would pay the city of Burien four percent of the revenue it generates from Burien customers. The payback is ostensibly an incentive for the city not to create its own public utility.

A higher-cost option of eight/six percent would have meant higher costs for City Light customers but more revenue for the city.

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