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Seahurst Park was the setting last Saturday for Discover Burien's Boiling Point seafood dinner. Attendees, from left, are Kalin Graves with Nicholas (woof), Chris Mark, Kathy Williamson, Cathie Felix and Sean Felix, Brian Frederick, Bob Ewing and Nancy Tosta.

Discover Burien's Boiling Point seafood dinner

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Passenger dead and Kent driver behind bars after recklessly driving through White Center and Burien

A reckless night of drinking and driving left one dead and one man on the run only to be found hiding under a parked car. The crash took place in the early morning hours of August 14th when 26-year-old Benjamin Joseph Smith, the passenger, and an unnamed 24-year-old man from Kent, the driver, failed to make the turn at the intersection of S.W. 119th Street and Ambaum Boulevard and ran a late model white BMW into the jersey barrier on the opposite side of the road.

Emergency responders arrived to find that the driver had fled the scene and that Smith had been killed by a severe head injury caused by the impact. In thanks to King County Sheriff’s department’s Guardian One helicopter and K9 units, police were able to locate the driver who had hidden under a car in a nearby driveway.

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Detectives have issued this photo of a Nissan Frontier that very closely resembles the one they are searching for. The license plate number on the Frontier in question is C49148B. Anyone who sees this vehicle is asked to contact police immediately.

New information comes to light surrounding body found in Sunset Park

Sunday afternoon the King County Sheriff’s Office issued a couple of short updates concerning the dead body that was found in Sunset Park last week by a jogger. Detectives are still asking that anyone with any information please contact them immediately.
The first major update is that detectives are now searching for a truck that was spotted around the area shortly before the body was found; a dark grey 2008 Nissan Frontier pickup truck. The license plate number of the truck in question is C49148B. This vehicle is currently suspected to be related to this crime.

Secondly, the body has been identified as a being a Hispanic male in his 40s-50s. While it was instantly released that the body discovered was male these new details should help to narrow the focus on identifying the victim.

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