Jerry’s View: Boom & Bust

Economic view from 1957 and before

From time to time we will run columns by former publisher Jerry Robinson.  We go through the archives to find suitable content for our present day readers.  Jerry passed away in May of 2014 after more than 60 years as owner/publisher of this newspaper.

Nobody has ever given us a clear picture of why we have boom and bust cycles in the economy of the United States but the fact remains that we do have them and will probably continue to have them.

    We were discussing this situation with one of our readers the other day when he suddenly remembered a clipping he had been carrying around in his wallet for the past nine years that pertained to the subject. 

    It was a chart of the economic cycle of the United States. It appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune in 1946. According to the Trib writer, the chart was first made prior to the Civil War. The original was found in an old desk drawer in Philadelphia in 1902.

    We have no way of knowing, of course or of verifying this fact but careful scrutiny of the chart, which we have reproduced here, will reveal some startling statistics

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Lenny Wilken will speak at Wesley Homes Oct. 13

Wesley Homes Retirement Communities and Home Health Services welcomes three-time NBA Hall of Famer and former Seattle SuperSonics player Lenny Wilkens to its Des Moines campus on Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m. Call 206-824-5000 to RSVP.

Wilkens will review growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY, “a true melting pot,” said Wilkins. “On my street was a German deli, a Jewish grocery, an Italian market. Within a few streets were all kinds of people.”

He will also discuss the Lenny Wilkens Foundation, which has raised $7.5 million to support programs and services for children in the Puget Sound area, his faith, having an absent father and how he did not let the conditions of his youth confine him.

“You can either allow your circumstances to be a trap that snares you the rest of your life, or you can use them to learn what it takes to succeed in a world where things won’t always go your way,” said Wilkens.

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Do you recognize this wanted felon?

The Burien Police Department took to social media on Sept. 29 to ask for the public’s help in identifying a woman now wanted for stealing a debit card and taking it on a shopping spree. The suspect stole the card from a resident of Burien and proceeded to rack up $700 worth of purchases at Nordstrom’s. The victim had just put her most recent paycheck into her account and was nearly drained by the suspect’s clothing purchases.

The suspect’s crimes are felony violations and she is currently wanted by the Burien police. If any readers recognize this woman they are asked to contact Detective Philbrick at (206) 477-6717.

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