Tied By Lightning – free events commemorate high tech history

Everyone knows King County to be a high tech hub today, but our region’s first brush with cutting-edge technology occurred well before Bill Gates and Paul Allen. A century and a half ago, the first high tech endeavor to put down roots in King County was the telegraph, which came up from Olympia along Military Road, and arrived in Seattle on October 25, 1864.

To mark the occasion, a flag was raised, a cannon was fired, and the newspapers crowed that the Puget Sound region was now “tied by lightning” to the rest of the world. The next day a dispatch was sent to President Lincoln, commending “the suppression of rebellion and the extension of Science.” At last this western outpost could receive up-to-date news about the Civil War, and settlers could connect with family, friends, and business relations on a nearly instantaneous basis.

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32 Years of Family for Huddleson’s Body Shop

By Ann Kendall

Early years in the shop meant cold winters, but sacrifice is often what it takes to get a new business up and running. Brothers Darren and Warren Huddleson are clear about the most important detail they remember from 1982 when the shop’s size was limited to three cars – both their dad and mom were determined to make the business stick. Dan and Diana met when they were just in high school, or maybe junior high school the brothers say, and from the moment they met they were meant to be together forever and they poured this same dedication and love into their business and family. The family traces their car roots to stagecoach days, each generation building on the knowledge –and love of all things mechanical -- of the past.

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New Exhibit at Burien Community Center

The Burien Community Center is now showing the paintings of artist Keli Sim-DeRitis. Keli has been a graphic designer and artist for over 25 years. She has dabbled with oil and acrylic painting since childhood, but it was not until an art retreat in 2008 that she discovered acrylic mixed media which reawakened her creative spirit and inspired her to start painting again. Keli works with acrylic paints and mediums and incorporates elements of collage and found objects in many of her pieces.

Keli has traveled extensively in Italy and France for pleasure and on buying trips as owner of Poggi Bonsi, a local gourmet kitchen store and direct importer of Italian and French products. In June, 2014 Keli teamed up with fellow artist Janet Crawley to teach “Art Affair in France” a week-long artist retreat in southern France. The landscapes in this show represent the beautiful landscapes they visited in the French countryside.

Keli is a mother, artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and adventurer. Learn more about Keli and her work at kelisimderitis.com. For more information on art her retreats in France visit www.artaffairinfrance.wordpress.com

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