Lindsay Peyton
Officer Warren Bresko with rescue dog Murphy, who has served as his partner for three years, practiced finding explosives in a crowded space during a training drill at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday, May 9.

High security hide-and-seek, K9 training at Sea-Tac airport

By Lindsay Peyton

The dogs had a field day at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Tuesday, May 9.

“It’s just like hide-and-seek, what we do all day long with the dogs,” Port of Seattle K9 officer David Irons said.

While the day’s training session may have seemed like a game for the bomb-sniffing canines, the important work they were doing could save lives one day.
There were multiple drills planned at the airport, all as a way for the dogs to practice finding explosives in a crowded space.

Officers from various units around the state were invited to attend, with their canine companions, to train alongside travelers at the airport, finding real explosives in a real-world environment.

The airport was just one of a handful of sites, where more than 120 K9 teams trained during the day.

In the baggage area, dogs searched until they found bags, which officers had planted on-site.

In the ticketing area, the four-legged security guards practiced identifying a moving target, using a technique that Port of Seattle officer Hannah Minnehan said is also used in the Pentagon.

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Considering filing for the Highline Public Schools? It’s time to get on board

By Lindsay Peyton
Two positions on the board of Highline Public Schools are up for election in November.
Candidates may begin filing on Monday, May 15. The filing period closes at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 19. The deadline for candidates to withdraw is Monday, May 22 and the deadline to file as a write-in candidate is Friday, July 14.
The election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 7.
The positions, each with four-year terms, will fill the seats currently held by board members Angelica Alvarez for district 2 and Joe Van for district 3.
Tyrone Curry Sr, district 1, Bernie Dorsey, district 4, and Michael Spear, district 5, will retain their positions.
Current board members Van and Alvarez have decided to run for reelection.
“I want to continue with what we’re working on,” Van said. “I have three kids in the system, so I have something invested. It’s not only my kids, but also their friends and my community.”

Alvarez, a Burien resident, had four children graduate from the district and currently has one grandchild enrolled.

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Patrick Robinson
Alaska Airlines Captain Ronald Limes and Mt. Rainier student Hamreet Kaur, 15, took part in the Ninth Annual Aviation Day at Alaska Airlines on May 6. Limes is Chairman of the Museum of Flight's Michael P. Anderson program and is a mentor to Kaur whose aspiration is to be an airline pilot.

Aviation Day at SeaTac inspires more than 1200 students to let their dreams take flight

The Ninth Annual Aviation Day on Saturday, May 6th, hosted by the Port of Seattle, Boeing and Alaska Airlines saw more than 1200 teenagers from around Puget Sound and beyond come to the Alaska Airlines hangars at Sea-Tac airport to be inspired, learn and make connections with people, equipment and programs in aviation and aeronautics. The event began nine years ago as a tour for Boy and Girl Scouts and has evolved over time into something more like an aviation and aeronautics job fair.

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