Who you going to call when your dog backs out of his collar and disappears in downtown Burien?

By Eric Mathison

Who you going to call when your dog backs out of his collar and disappears in downtown Burien?

We didn’t know but, fortunately, our friends Rebecca Dare and Bill Opfermann did—Jim Branson at Three Retrievers Pet Rescue in Burien. If Jim’s name sounds familiar, it is because his parents owned the property that became Eagle Landing Park in Burien.

Awhile back, in a blink, our escape-artist poodle, Otto slipped out of his collar with all his identifying tags and bolted into the middle of Ambaum Boulevard, just south of Southwest 152nd Street.

I chased after him.

That was the wrong thing to do, according to Jim Branson, who has written the booklets (available free at on how to find your lost dog or cat.

Chasing almost never works, Jim declares. It just makes your pooch run away faster.

Then I crouched down and excitedly called Otto.

Crouching is the sign of a predator about to attack, Jim notes. What I should have done is sit down on the pavement, turn toward Otto’s side and speak calmly until he settled down and came back to me.

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Managing director for Port of Seattle lands position with Puget Sound Pilots

By Tim Clifford

Early last week, on July 22, it was announced that Linda Styrk, managing director of the maritime division for the Port of Seattle, will leave her position to take over as the executive director for the Puget Sound Pilots. Styrk holds a Third Mate’s license with the U.S. Coast Guard and is married to a guide pilot.

“The Puget Sound Pilots are delighted to have Linda Styrk as our next Executive Director. She has a unique combination of sailing and maritime business background. Her understanding of what it takes for Puget Sound ports to compete successfully, her knowledge of ship operations, and her stature across the industry is extraordinary. She will be an outstanding ambassador for pilots and for our industry,” said David Grobshmit, President of the Puget Sound Pilots on their website.

She will be succeeding current Walt Tabler, who has held the position for the last 12 years.

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Normandy Park Senior Living & Memory Village Expands Community Art Gallery to Add Artists-In-Residence Collection

Gala event to take place at end of July in Normandy Park Art Gallery

Normandy Park Art Gallery celebrated its grand opening last month with over 60 attendees featuring art from five local artists, and will expand this month adding work from three Artists-In-Residence. A public event to unveil these pieces will take place on Thursday, July 30th from 4:40 pm to 7:30 pm, with live music from a local string ensemble, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Artists will be in attendance to meet and discuss their work.

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