A true story about fishing

Editor's note: The author is Irish and a known prevaricator. Choose to believe his story if you wish…

by Tim Robinson

Above Covington, east of Kent, in the summer, the Green River runs low and clear. The deep pools of emerald water wend their way downstream, like crinkled foil, reflecting a flash of light; the cool life's blood of fish and other aquatic curiosities , makes its way to the Kent valley.

The promise of 80-degree weather hurried my morning activities. The alarm clock had shaken my senses at 5:30 a.m... We're goin fishun'.

With my arm securely resting on my cooler of sandwiches and beer, my wife caught some extra zzz's as the dawn lit the highway before me. I envisioned thoughts of lunkers finning in the depths.

We selected a proper spot at the river's edge and set up camp.  I prepared my gear while my wife went foraging for flora and fauna collectibles.

On this section of the river steep rock banks protect and guide the water on its rippling journey. Large shadows from those banks create dark havens for steelhead trout. Calmly they wait. They must be patient for the next freshet of rain water to advance their upstream journey.

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BarreTwist to open at Hot Feet Fitness in Burien

BarreTwist is about to happen at Hot Feet Fitness on the corner of 152nd and Ambaum.

What is BarreTwist? It is new and exciting type ofbarre class that fuses pilates, dance, and yoga together into one power-packed cardio class. This class will also be offered in the heat of the warm studio at 90 degrees! Hot Feet will start featuring this class on their schedule this Summer. Don't miss out on the chance to increase your Burien! Hot Feet Fitness was founded this past year by Burien native Jerrod Sessler and his wife Nikki. Jerrod is a cancer survivor, father, entrepreneur, and CEO of HomeTask. Under the HomeTask network, Jerrod has started and grown many successful franchises across the United States. Burien is the first location of the Hot Feet brand, was born out of a sincere heart and desire to offer a space where the community can come and be inspired and live healthier. The studio offers stretch, workout, barre, and yoga classes in a warm studio that is around 90 degrees and has around 30-45% humidity.

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Elementary Teacher Featured in May #HighlineAlum Campaign

Midway Elementary teacher Anna Herried is featured in this month’s #HighlineAlum social media campaign. Herried is a 2006 graduate of Highline High School.
Herried teaches third grade at Midway. She attended Highline Community College and Central Washington University after graduating from Highline. She says high school teachers inspired her to work with children, which led to her career as a teacher.
"I just had a great experience in high school in the Highline School District. I enjoyed the teachers, the community, and the diversity. I really wanted to keep that in my career,” said Herried.
Watch Herried’s video here.
Highline boasts a long list of well-known and accomplished alumni and dozens of grads you haven't yet heard of who are making their mark on the world.
Each month, we are featuring successful, high-profile alum and up-and-coming alum on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The features include a short video clip of the alumnus. The community is invited to follow along by using the hashtag #HighlineAlum.

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