A duck family Discovers Burien

By Nathan Miller

Thursday was a good day for ducklings in downtown Burien.  Bunny Critch offered the following account of that morning’s excitement.

“I spotted Mama Duck and her ducklings walking in front of the Burien Library this morning. They were determined to cross 152nd street, so I hurled my body into the street to stop traffic and allow the ducks to pass. They walked up the other side of 152nd to Page 2 Books where Jenny showed them the book that made them famous.”

Other local residents joined Bunny and Burien C.A.R.E.S. on the scene and were able to secure the 6 ducklings.  However, Momma duck proved a little more difficult to catch.  After many attempts it was decided that C.A.R.E.S. would escort the Momma duck with the babies safely contained in a pet carrier, back to the animal shelter.  They walked together from 6th and 152nd all the way to Hayes Feed Store, where the Momma duck was very happy to enter their garage.  Quick thinking on the part of the Hayes employees allowed them to quickly close the garage door, trapping the Momma duck and then securing her along with her babies.

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Naming a New Approach to Code Compliance

The City is developing the new approach to property maintenance and related quality of life issues—generally referred to as code compliance. Although the City has an on-going code enforcement/code compliance program, this new approach will be a broad-scale coordinated program, involving multiple City departments and addressing the full range of the most common code-related complaints such as garbage, trash and junk; overgrown vegetation; abandoned buildings; graffiti and junk vehicles, plus new initiatives.

The City is asking for the public’s help in deciding on a name for this coordinated city-wide program that will convey the intent, focus and goal of the program. The City plans to use this as a key message for community outreach and education.

Please take the quick, one-question survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JRDLV8B. This survey will close at 11:45 PM on Sunday, June 28, 2015. A summary of the survey responses will be provided to the City Council and public shortly thereafter.

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Staff photo.
Demolition of the old Value Village took place last week as the new Franciscan Urgent Care Medical Clinic will be taking shape over the next few months. Plans call for moving the existing footprint west, with some lot leveling, according to Doug Bright, onsite spokesperson for the demolition. The medical pavilion will cover 48,000 square feet when completed later this year. The site is located at 1st avenue S. and S.160th street.

New Clinic is Coming

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