Circus Time

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

One is never too old to be wide eyed at the circus. I found that out when my fellow and I were invited to Teatro ZinZanni recently. Just the thought of going to the circus venue again brought back memories of my childhood when the circus would come to our little town of Chehalis. During the day I could look out the south window in the upstairs of my home and see animals grazing. At night I could see the southern stars. But in the summer there would be the excitement of watching the big circus tent rise, enticing us little town residents to venture out on Riverside Road to experience the wonderful circus acts inside the big top.

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“Every patient is my patient”

By Betty Rose Cortes

You don’t have to be a physician to care for those who need it most at Highline Medical Center. In fact, you don’t need any medical experience at all. If you have the desire to care for others and have the time to do so, you can join the devoted team of helping hands as one of Highline’s finest volunteers.

At the Day Surgery Center, everyone knows Sam Fenner. He is the older volunteer that helps patients around the 3rd floor Cedar wing of the hospital. You could never tell by his smile, contagious laugh or clever jokes that he is 82 years old and still kicking.

“I meet so many wonderful people here,” said the Tennessee native about his experience as a volunteer, “We get back so much more than we ever give.”

Originally from Butler, Tennessee, Sam served in the Navy, which brought him to Washington State. Shortly after, he met his wife, Geri, in Seattle, then worked at Boeing for nearly 39 years before retirement.

“I started because my wife saw an ad in the newspaper and thought I would be good at it,” he said.

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Scott Anthony
: Dad's mulligan stew

By Scott Anthony

My dad is what you’d call an optimist. He can usually find something good about nearly any situation. He talks of growing up during the depression with fondness, even though he and his family sometimes didn't have enough to eat. One of his favorite maxims is one that his own father used to shout across the room from time to time. ‘If the wolf comes to the door, invite him in, we’ll have him for supper!’

For me, this is an important thing to remember, because I cannot think of any days when I have truly gone hungry.

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