Pat's View: “Where’d You Get That Scar?”

“One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.” ---Miguel de Cervantes

Some years ago (my kids figure it was the 1930’s) I hosted a morning radio show. It required getting up very early, driving downtown in the darkest hours of the night---and then pretending to be wide awake and chipper. In truth, most mornings, I wanted to be thrown---wide-awake---into a chipper.

But my radio experience was a distinct privilege---especially in the world of talk radio---where guests and callers always enriched the conversation with amazing stories. Maybe not true stories, but good ones.
One morning, while other serious-minded radio talk hosts were discussing world affairs,
domestic policy and city politics, I brought up a different topic question: “Where’d you get that scar?”
The phones lit up like a crowd at Hempfest.

“I fell down a flight of stairs and landed face-first onto the prongs of a garden rake,” said one caller. I thanked the caller and then read a live commercial for a gardening nursery.

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Letter to the Editor: SHOULD WE BE SCARED?

Republican strategists are attempting to scare the American people by promising that Bernard Sanders, when president, would turn the United States into a Scandinavian-style welfare state. I am not endorsing Sanders or anyone else here yet simply want to encourage others to get informed first. Honestly, should we be scared and get emotional about this potential shift – or not? I have heard the conservative rants many times before: 'That's Socialism, we don't want that!' And so I ask them this question in return, 'What is socialism, I forgot?' 'I have no idea – BUT WE DON'T WANT IT!' Would you walk into a room with a zephyll without first being reassured that it is safe? A monster that will eat you alive – or cuddly as a bunny?

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Dina Hrisko

At the CARES fundraiser Saturday

Karen Helmick, Chris Mark, Kalin Graves having a great time at the Annual CARES fundraiser, 'Bite Night' held Saturday night, Jan 30 206 at the Elks

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