LETTER: The streets have voices

To the editor:

Signs stating “Not My President”, says it all. A wide spread backlash of echoes across America. The trauma and shock of Donald Trump’s win has caused fear, pain and anger for millions of Americans and undocumented immigrants. That will not go away.

Any future sign of reactions stopping, will only be in remission. The disease of Trumps hate, racism, sexism and dividing America has extremely serious implications yet to come. It’s not just a simple well wishers “respect” coming from Vladamir Putin and the KKK. What more proof do we need by the appointment of Steve Bannon. To the Trump gang.

Make no mistake about it. Trump is what he thinks. Also when Trump says what he means but, doesn't mean what he says. It is insane flip flopping and further proof, Trump is dangerous and he can never be trusted on any level.

However, with the ill help of his advisors Trump has set himself up. Trump has ex halted himself as being the voice for what his follower want to hear. Now they will expect him to deliver!

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Pat's View: "Age old"

By some accounts the verified world record holder for old age was a French woman who lived to be 122 years, 164 days (Jeanne Calmut, 1875-1997). Not verified were her last words: “Je suis si fatigue’”---French for “Man, am I pooped.”

122 years (and 164 days) is a long run. That’ s older than some Hostess Twinkies. But just like every other “oldest living person in the world” before her, Jeanne’ s reign finally ended. There is no precedent for anyone regaining the title.

Of all the records achieved by humans, ‘ oldest person’ might be the hardest to train for. And even then, once you finally made it, anyone you might really want to impress wouldn’ t be around.

You’ d show up for your 100th high school reunion---and be the only one there. That means you’ d be stuck paying for the entire keg. Plus, you’ d have to dance with yourself. Several years ago, a man in Tampa, Florida insisted that he was the world’ s oldest human at 120 years of age---although it was hard to tell. Maybe the Grecian Formula on his beard made him look younger. Or maybe it was because he wore his baseball cap backwards.

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Amanda's View: Gift

By Amanda Knox

I suppose it’s a privilege that I’ve never had to rely on Black Friday to do my Christmas shopping. I know some people get a thrill out of competing to collect big on the best deals, but I don’t like to feel rushed, herded through a crowd, or pressured to make a purchase. The only thrill I get out of Black Friday is the thrill of knowing a bunch of black cats are going to get homes that day, because the Humane Society waives their adoption fees. Nope, Black Friday comes and goes for me without much notice. I tend to stay home, digesting leftovers.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get into the gift-giving spirit. Post-Thanksgiving, I feel silly with glee at the prospect of stumbling across perfect gifts for people I love over the next month—unexpected, clever, fun, thoughtful, useful gifts. Gifts that will be just what the recipient wanted, without realizing they wanted it. Gifts that are as satisfying as the end of a Sherlock Holmes novel, or a cup of hot chocolate spiced with chili. Gifts that say, “ I love you AND I know you,” but which also give the recipient something new to sink their teeth into.

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