Georgie's View: There are many tasks in life

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

Until you have sat in front of a big camera and been the focus of a news story you haven’t lived. Since I believe that older people need to share their wisdom I was happy to sit in front of a local TV camera and tell my story—and a long lived story it is. I remember when in psychology class we learned about the varied lives that people live. I had difficulty focusing on just one thing that I do best because I love to do so many different things. What one finally chooses is dependent upon the guidance and support of the elders in the community. I am now aware of the influence that my teachers had over the years and a special neighbor whom I used as a sounding board when I was a teenager.

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The Psychic View – A Mother’s Last Gift?

By Marjorie Young

A recent extraordinary incident captured world-wide attention. A car went over a bridge near a small town in Utah. The accident wasn’t discovered until twelve hours had passed. Rescue workers belatedly arrived to find the car upside-down and half-submerged in freezing water. Then, an astonishing thing happened. All four men clearly heard a voice calling ‘Save me! Save us!’…coming from within the vehicle.

Galvanized into action, they plunged into the frigid river and managed to turn the car on its side. They then spotted the driver; a young woman who had obviously perished. But there was a second passenger…a baby strapped to her car seat, hanging upside down, the top of her head inches from the icy waters.

Finding her unconscious and barely breathing, one rescuer cut her loose, handing her to a second man who raced her to the ambulance. The child was completely unresponsive, but much later, in the hospital, she was revived. Within a few days, the eighteen-month-old, having made a complete recovery, returned home with her very grateful father.

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Why you can’t touch my dog

by Rob Clay

    Marlaina got a new dog. She’s almost two and she’s had plenty of training. Nisha (neesha) is a certified guide dog. Marlaina Lieberg, blind since birth, retired her beautiful Agnes recently and now it is the family pet. It’s okay to pet Agnes but don’t touch Nisha, at least not without asking.

    Dogs are wonderful creatures. Guides dogs are more wonderful if you ask Marlaina. In fact, they are her life, her eyes on the world. Touching them encourages the dog to get out of character. Character of 24/7 monitoring of their owner's habits, needs, safety and well-being. Touching them is not forbidden but is discouraged. “Like many people we love our dogs but guide dogs are special. They need to be ignored.” Marlaina explained. Sort of don’t bother me while I am at work. And the dog is alway at work.

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