Katy Wilkens
East West Chicken Noodle soup and Pho both kinds.

You Are What You Eat: Oodles of noodles -- soups for winter

By Katy Wilkens, MS, RD

When the weather is cold and nasty, there is nothing like a bowl of hot noodle soup to chase away the chills. Chicken noodle soup is a favorite when the cold season hits. Just about everyone eats ramen noodles, and a bowl of Vietnamese pho on a dark winter night can be bliss.

That said, while most canned and packaged soups are quick and easy to prepare, they are far from low in sodium. Several brands range from 900 to 5,000 milligrams per bowl. The average package of ramen noodles is loaded with 1,200 to 4,000 milligrams of salt per serving. That means a single bowl of soup likely contains an entire day’s worth of salt (a moderate amount of salt to eat a day is about 2,000 milligrams). And the chances that you will eat just one bowl of soup all day are slim.

Keeping sodium under control is important because an excess can contribute to high blood pressure and stress on your heart, circulatory system and kidneys.

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Amanda's View : Sudden separation

By Amanda Knox
On Valentine’s Day, my friend and I were walking along the waterfront at Lincoln Park. We came across a large stone on which someone had assembled a bunch of shells to spell out “LOVE” in large, capital letters. My friend stared at the word for a moment, then looked me square in the eyes as she swiped her arm across the stone, scattering the shells to the ground. I gave her a half-smile and we walked away.
Looking back on the latter half of my twenties, I can’t help but notice how much romance has characterized these years. Romance in my own life and romance in the lives of my peers. Many of my friends have been getting married, one after another, a wedding every few months. The first of my three sisters is getting married this November. This is both great (I love Love!) and unsurprising. Millennials are tending to get married in our late twenties; our parents and grandparents tended to get married in their early twenties. It’s a notable difference, but it’s no cultural revolution. Just like so many generations before us, we’re excited to celebrate and officialize our most important adult decision: life partner.

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Pat's View: “Lords of the Ring”

I first heard the incredible news on the radio. If I were a diarist, it would have been recorded as one of the most important announcements of a lifetime.

I was 12 years old---and I thought at first my ears were playing tricks on me. My eyes often played tricks on me, so I figured maybe the eyes and ears were in cahoots, trying to pull a fast one. And maybe the nose was in on it too.

But it was no fake news, no alternative fact---it was true: Pacific Northwest Wrestling was coming to town---our town---live and in person!

To me, the news could not have been more monumental---bigger than if the circus, the Olympic games, the Beatles and the Pope were all coming in to do a show together. I was convinced that anything that happened in my life afterward would come up short---shorter than a pygmy marmoset monkey. That wrestled.

It all came flooding back to me last week when I heard about the passing at age 79 of George “The Animal” Steele. As you might guess, it was not his real name---he added the ‘George’ part to advance his career.

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