Amanda's View: And for my next tattoo…

By Amanda Knox
In a parallel, not-so-distant universe, I might have been a tattoo artist. In this one, I’m merely a tattoo person. I don’t have spider webs on my elbows or a big Chinese dragon coiled across my back. I don’t style my life or identity around being inked. That’s cool; just not for me. What I am is an enthusiast of the body as a canvas. I’m an admirer of the artistry. And I encourage everyone who’s on the fence about getting a tattoo to go for it. Just, be smart.
This past weekend my littlest sister, Delaney, turned eighteen, and to celebrate, she asked us—her three older sisters—to get a tattoo with her. It was chaos. In the days leading up to the big day, Delaney was out of town and incommunicado. Deanna, Ashley and I each separately called and visited the tattoo parlor multiple times, and offered the staff contradictory information. We changed our minds about the final design up to the last minute. We acted like a gaggle of newbs, except we weren’t. Between the three of us, we already had ten tattoos, and a bit of knowledge about the do’s and don’ts, the good and bad, and the right perspective to carry our littlest sister through her first tattoo.

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New DM City Manager Nichols’ last job was brief

by Clara McMichael
James Nichols - the candidate tapped as the new city manager for Des Moines - wrapped up a short-lived experience earlier this year in a similar position for Douglas County, Nevada.

Douglas County has marked similarities to Des Moines. It is a community of fewer than 50,000 people on the shores of Lake Tahoe - like Des Moines’ own waterfront location on Puget Sound. The county, like Des Moines, has a signifiant population over the age of 65, and the average income of both communities is approximately $58,000.

In August 2014, Nichols came from a position as assistant city manager in Midland, Texas, and began working for Douglas County under a three-year contract. But after only sixteen months of employment, Nichols left the County on January 29th of this year.

According to the Record-Courier - a newspaper in Douglas County - a point of contention upon Nichol’s hiring by the county was his salary. In Midland, Nichols received approximately $174,000 per year. In Douglas County, he requested $180,000. Nichols and the County settled on $172,000.

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Salty's Seafood Grills
Pickling cherries is easy and delicious.

Kitchen Talk: Pickle your fruit not your liver

By Chef Jeremy McLachlan

The word pickle is showing up on things you never thought possible. Pickle-flavored popcorn, sunflower seeds and even beer. Pickle juice is also replacing Gatorade on the sidelines of sporting events and is a great chaser for cheap whisky. Have you ever had pickled fruit? Before you answer that question think about it for a second. Vinegar is used in many different recipes like sweet and sour chicken, your favorite beef stew, chutneys and some desserts, so why not fruit? When I spent some time in Hawaii I followed signs on the side of the road for Pickled Mangoes and discovered that plain mango was not as good as pickled.

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