“Circular Reasoning”

While emceeing a fundraising event the other night, I thought back twenty years ago to another time I had hosted the same event---and recalled saxophonist Kenny G and the night I tried to impersonate him. More on that shortly.

Note his last name is G with no period after. President Harry Truman had S for a middle name. That’s all, just S. It didn’t stand for anything, so some people write it with no period ---an interesting bit of trivia perhaps, but only if you’ve got nothing better to think about.

The G in Kenny G’s name does stand for something: his actual last name, Gorelick. He grew up in Seattle, went to Franklin High School---and ultimately became a huge music star. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
Kenny G has sold more albums than Pearl Jam and me combined.

He’s even bigger in China. Some say this is because in a country that seems to frown on sex---a word like sax is the next best thing.

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Accumulated experience

Accumulated experience has taught me to curate my thoughts, be mindful of when and how to share them, at least with strangers. It’s unfortunate and unfair when your words are purposefully taken out of context and used against you. When I was little, though—in elementary school, say—I was never shy with anyone. Hello, you’re pretty! No, I don’t want your half-eaten donut, gross. Yes, I wanna play! Race you! Um...your hair looks weird.

“Be nice!” Mom would shush, seeing as I had just addressed her hairstylist.
“But it’s the truth!”

In a world where so much was unknown to me, how could I not be affirmative of what I did know—what was true to me? “You’re allowed little white lies,” Mom advised, “so you don’t hurt people’s feelings.” But I couldn’t make sense of that. It unnerved me to say anything that didn’t accurately reflect reality as I knew it. At all times. Especially if you asked.

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Community Calendar week of 11-27-15

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Change a Young Person’s Life – Mentor!
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