Op-Ed STEM programs should be inclusive

by Dan Rosner

The Highline School Distict's Raisbeck Aviation High School in Tukwilla, a national leader in STEM-based education, recently admitted 105 students to their class of 2018 from a pool of 325 applicants. Statistical analysis of their admissions data show that students who self-identified as caucasian on the school's application form were significantly more likely to be selected for admission. Moreover, the youngest children applying were least likely to be chosen while 10% of those admitted were old enough to sit in the next higher grade.

Taken together, these data demonstrate that relatively older, white children have a huge advantage with regard to gaining access to the school. Overall, 39% of white children applying were admitted compared to a 25% acceptance rate for students of color. Only 3 of the 29 nonwhite boys in the youngest age quartile were admitted. I would not advocate affirmative action but these outcomes seem hard to justify when 15 of the 26 oldest white girls applying to the school were chosen. Publicly funded STEM programs should be more inclusive.

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LETTER: For Liberty!

The time has come for us to celebrate our independence, when we were endowed the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Republican politicians have never squandered the opportunity to make quite clear that they stand firmly for freedom and liberty, especially during election times. These are obviously two separate words yet they must be connected in some way so let me gain some clarity here. Well, I am full of optimism for changes in this country, if the conservatives are supporting liberty. According to the dictionary: LIBERTY ( ‘freedom to choose; freedom from compulsion or constraint’). The phrase ‘at liberty’: permitted to do or say something. It would appear to me (might be a bit slow) that the Republicans are using tremendous effort – and lots of money – to take liberty away from people, not helping them to gain it. Not permitting them to have an abortion, have access to birth control or medical care, to marry the person that they love. There appears to be adequate amounts of compulsion and constraint from the Right yet liberty, by definition, is the freedom from that.
David S. Gooding

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LETTER: Glacier is noisy enough

To the editor:

Just read in the paper that Highline School District is considering building a "new middle school" on the Glacier High School site in SeaTac. How can they do that when it is my understanding the FAA had already told them the existing building should not be used for a full time school. It is noisy enough that they felt the kids would not be able to concentrate! Lets get the stories together. Is it a matter of insulation and a thick

Virginia Dana

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