Scott Anthony: Motorcycles and Cars

By Scott Anthony

With four police cars and a dedicated sign saying, ‘Accident Investigation’, I knew the accident on Military Road was messy.

I peeled off to take a side road and the detour took me past the other side of the crash scene. In the distance I could see a motorcycle on it’s side and I silently sent out an affirmation for the well being of the rider as I turned off for the house. Mrs. Anthony came home shortly afterwards and together we took the dogs for a walk through the neighborhood. I tugged my dog up a side road and Mrs. A followed with her dog and soon we were at the accident scene again. I snapped a pic to send to my editor and Mrs. A asked a lady bystander what had happened. “Guy on the motorcycle couldn’t stop… I guess… got tangled up with that gold colored car. They airlifted him to Harborview, he was conscious.”

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LETTER: Re-run of a bad old movie

To the editor:

After I read about the Highline School Construction Bond, it appears to me like a re-run of a bad old movie. The Bond is submitted for the November General Election.

At this writing, I believe it necessary to reiterate to the Superintendent, Teachers, and other

Employees of Highline, this District is owned by all of its citizens. That means they are to represent everyone. Our employees are not to collude with their Unions to bilk citizens out of their scant income to satisfy employee appetites.

The Construction Bond as presented looks like about half construction with the remainder compiled from a list of items already paid for from State Basic Education Funds. Moreover, much of it is unspecified items in categories not related to construction.
As evidence of need, Class size is anti-correlative to how well a student performs. What's more, the point is moot because there is a very large initiative to the people about class size heading from the State to the voter polls in chorus, in November.

There are questions in my mind about the enrollment projections. I want to see more about the workup.

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Berries are bountiful, beautiful, and can be combined in ways you might not expect. Have you ever heard of a Clafoutis? Or a berry salsa? Check out the recipes!

The Last Free Thing on This Planet: Wild Berries!!!

By Chef Jeremy McLachlan

You may consider yourself an upstanding citizen, but like the rest of us, I know that you have probably picked blackberries from somebody's else's land! Whether you are walking through your favorite park, jumping into the neighbor's yard or stopping on the side of the road, everyone knows what you have done! Wild blackberries are one of the last free things on this planet (besides air), and no one ever questions what those people on the side of the road are looking for in the bushes this time of year. (It's even more understandable now that blackberries top the list for bioflavonoids in a study that food blogger Kathy Kingen highlights in her Berry Juicy News.)

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