Photographing Women: Taking the plunge

By Amanda Knox
In my limited modeling experience, the most difficult thing has always been the face. So much can be conveyed through a facial expression. It’s not as simple as deciding to smile. Minute muscles may compose all kinds of smiles—ecstatic, ironic, indulgent, concerned, condescending, embarrassed, communicative—the difference between them so subtle and yet so legible. Usually I don’t think about what my face looks like while I’m emotionally responding to a context which might make me smile. When modeling, suddenly I am made aware of not just one, but two simultaneous expressions: 1) my face in context, self-conscious about the act of playing pretend in front of a camera; and 2) my intended face, conveying the character of the composed image. If I’m not careful, the self-consciousness of the first will eek its way into the second, compromising my expression entirely.

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Pat's View: “Carrying Water”

Merriam-Webster defines water as “The clear liquid that has no color, taste or smell that falls from clouds as rain that forms streams, lakes and seas, and that is used for drinking, washing, etc.”

In college, our dorm defined it as “A substance found in beer.”

Water is a pretty big deal, it seems---whether expectorated, perspired, peed or cried out.
And we gotta have it. Often.

After all, some people have been known to survive two weeks or more without food. For example, I can go a very long time without kale, lutefisk or pig’s feet.

Perhaps only a handful of men can last three weeks without a TV remote---except during the Seahawks season when some have perished in the middle of long commercial breaks.

But next to air---which all but pearl divers, cattle auctioneers and infomercial spokespeople need frequently---most people can’t go much beyond 3 or 4 days without guzzling some H2o.

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Rob Clay
Pillar Properties building 228 upscale apts. not far from completion.

Condos in Burien

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