Sex offender arrested in Burien

Sex offender arrested after masterbating in front of former Mick Kelly's in Burien

A man registered as a sex offender was arrested in downtown Burien after masterbating in the street. The incident took place on The evening of May 9th when police received multiple reports of a man pleasuring himself within the 500 block of SW 152nd Street in Burien. Police arrived to find an unnamed sex offender masterbating in the street. According to witnesses, the sex offender had been reported masterbating in the street the previous evening but after police arrived, no witnesses were willing to give police a statement saying that the man was masterbating in public. On the 9th, however, a number of individuals who were attending a private event at the recently closed and purchased Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, told police that the man had indeed been masterbating in the street. The man was arrested for indecent exposure. There is no word on if the man was on probation or if this will have any impact on the man's previous criminal charges. 

Crimes reported between 4/26/15 and 5/10/15

Home and Business Break-in/Burglary:
9800 Blk 20th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 18th Ave. S.W., 10800 Blk 1st Ave. S., 11400 Blk 1st Ave. S., 100 Blk S.W. 148th St., 12200 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 16700 Blk 21st Ave. S.W., 11600 BLk 8th Ave. S., 10800 Blk 26th Ave. S., 500 Blk S. 158th St., 100 Blk S.W. 148th St., 16200 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 14400 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 11400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 1200 Blk S.W. 137th St., 14800 Blk 1st Ave. S., 15800 Blk 5th Pl. S., 300 Blk S.W. 136th St., 100 Blk S.W. 148th St., 15400 Blk 1st Ave. S., 15500 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 2600 Blk S. 148th St., 4000 Blk Military Rd. S., 17200 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 16600 Blk 34th Ave. S., 3200 Blk S. 160th St., 10700 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 1400 Blk S.W. 107th St., 10200 Blk Myers Wy. S.

Auto Theft/Break-in:
13600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 1200 Blk S.W. 124th St., 11400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 600 Blk S. 152nd St., 14900 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 15700 Blk 1st Ave. S., 100 Blk S.W. 146th St., 15400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 14900 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 14900 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 14200 Blk 4th Ave. S., 400 Blk S.W. Ambaum Blvd., 12000 Blk 1st Ave. S., 15000 Blk Military Rd. S., 17300 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 3200 Blk S. 176th St.

10200 Blk 7th Ave. S.W., 400 Blk S.W. 112th St., 2600 Blk S. 123rd St., 16000 Blk 1st Ave. S., 1100 Blk S.W. 139th St., 600 Blk S. 188th St., 600 Blk S.W. 128th St., 16200 Blk Sylvester Rd., 16200 Blk Sylvester Rd., 1200 Blk S.W. 126th St., 3200 Blk S. 248th St., 14800 Blk Military Rd. S., 3200 Blk S. 164th St., 9800 Blk 15th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk Myers Wy. S., 10800 Blk 1st Ave. S.W., 800 Blk S.W. 116th St.

Property Crimes/Trespass/Vandalism:
300 Blk S.W., 110th St., 10200 Blk16th Ave. S., 400 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S.W., 1200 Blk S. 136th St., 12100 Blk 7th Pl. S.W., 13000 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 1100 Blk S.W. 139th St., 1000 Blk S.W. 122nd St., 1600 Blk S.W. Seahurst Park Rd., 13200 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 400 Blk S.W. 152nd St., 14400 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 10800 Blk Roseburg Ave. S., 200 Blk S. 152nd St., 200 Blk S. 152nd St., 14000 Blk Military Rd. S., 10800 Blk 1st Ave. S.

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