Car crash in Burien tops police blotter

One dead and one hospitalized in Burien car crash
Burien Police are investigating whether or not alcohol played a role in an accident in Burien Friday evening that left one dead and sent another to the hospital. The accident occurred just after 5 p.m. when a man driving a late model Volkswagen sedan clipped a car and then fled the scene at high speeds heading south on Ambaum Boulevard. A man driving a black Honda Civic attempted to cross Ambaum at S.W. 154th Street and was broadsided by the Volkswagen. The fleeing driver was killed on impact. The driver of the Honda Civic had to be cut out of their seat after suffering major collision damage by the Volkswagen. The driver was then rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in critical condition. The two totaled vehicles were moved to the side of Ambaum to allow traffic to flow while police investigated the accident. According to King County Sheriff’s Department PIO, Sergeant D.B. Gates, early investigation points to possible alcohol use by the driver of the Volkswagen. The condition of the Honda driver has yet to be released.

Seattle City Council Member arrested during SeaTac wage protest
Seattle City Council Member, Kshama Sawant, was among four people who were arrested during a protest in SeaTac last Wednesday. The protest took place near the headquarters of Alaska Airlines and was protesting the lack of the $15 minimum wage for SeaTac Airport workers that was enacted earlier this year. According to the King County Sheriff’s Department, Council Member Sawant and the three others were arrested and booked into the South Correctional Entity Regional Jail in Des Moines for investigation of disorderly conduct after the they refused to exit the roadway during the protest. Council Member Sawant was released from jail five hours after being booked after bail was posted on her behalf. The protest was organized by Working Washington which has been one of the primary advocacy groups pushing for a higher minimum wage in Washington. The three others arrested with Sawant were a cargo handler, a former airport worker, and a church pastor.

Crimes reported between 11/2/14 and 11/16/14

Home and Business Larceny/Burglary:
14600 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 300 Blk S.W. 148th St., 400 Blk S.W. 152nd St., 11300 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr., 14200 Blk 4th Ave. S., 1600 Blk S.W. 149th St., 14400 Blk 5th Ave. S., 13200 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 600 Blk S.W. 154th St., 13000 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 1200 Blk S.W. 139th St., 11600 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr., 100 Blk S.W. 157th St., 200 Blk S.W. 152nd St., 16000 Blk 7th Ave. S.W., 15400 Blk 9th Ave. S.W., 14300 Blk 1st Ave. S., 600 Blk S.W. 154th St., 12600 Blk 20th Ave. S., 15800 Blk 1st Ave. S., 11800 Blk 4th Ave. S., 14400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr., 3700 Blk S. 168th St., 16700 Blk 51st Ave. S., 4000 Blk S. 164th St., 10400 Blk 15th Ave. S.W., 10400 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 10400 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 9900 Blk 8th Ave. S.W., 9900 Blk 8th Ave. S.W., 10600 Blk 22nd Pl. S., 10100 Blk 8th Ave. S., 10000 Blk 30th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 18th Ave. S.W., 11900 Blk Roseburg Ave. S., 15700 Blk 25th Ave. S.W.

Auto Theft/Break-in:
1000 Blk S.W. 128th St., 12800 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 15400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr., 200 Blk S. 177th Pl., 1200 Blk S.W. 128th St., 11400 Blk 15th Ave. S.W., 1200 Blk S.W. 132nd Ln., 600 Blk S.W. Ambaum Blvd., 13700 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 12800 Blk 13th Ln. S.W., 14000 Blk 9th Pl. S., 3000 Blk S. 154th St., 16400 Blk Military Rd. S., 17100 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 3500 Blk S. 180th St., 17300 Blk 32nd Ave. S., 2900 Blk S. 176th St., 4600 Blk S. 172nd St., 11400 Blk 1st Ave. S., 1400 Blk S. 99th St., 1200 Blk S.W. 112th St., 400 Blk S.W. 152nd St.

13100 Blk 14th Ave. S., 400 Blk S.W. 155th St., 15000 Blk 10th Ave. S.W., 15700 Blk 1st Ave. S., 11400 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 13600 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 12800 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 13400 Blk 1st Ave. S., 14400 Blk Military Rd. S., 17800 Blk 32nd Ave. S., 9600 Blk 20th Ave. S.W., 10000 Blk 17th Pl. S., 10300 blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 1200 Blk S. Rose St., 1000 Blk S. 99th St., 2100 Blk S.W. 102nd St., 10600 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 11200 blk 2nd Ln. S.W., 2500 Blk S.W. 107th St., 15600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 16400 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 16200 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 15700 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 400 Blk S.W. 156th St.

Property Crimes/Vandalism:
17400 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 14600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 500 Blk S.W. 150th St., 14600 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 12200 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 200 Blk S. Normandy Rd., 14900 Blk 22nd Ave. S.W., 14600 Blk 24th Ave. S.W., 13200 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 14300 Blk 2nd Ave. S.W., 12000 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr., 15200 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S.W., 2800 Blk S.E. Roxbury St., 11000 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 1300 Blk S.W. 102nd St., 10800 Blk 8th Ave. S., 200 Blk S.W. 112th St.

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