Burglar abandons items as she flees from victims tops police blotter

By Matt Wendland

Victim recovers laptop before suspect makes escape in downtown Burien
According to the Burien Police Department, a woman believed to be in her early twenties who had been visiting Burien Town Square Park, near the intersection of 4th Avenue S.W. and S.W. 152nd Street, attempted to rob a patron of a local business before fleeing with stolen goods on a bus. The incident took place on the morning of Sunday, September 7, when a woman, who witnesses said had been visiting the Burien Town Square Park, began to enter local businesses along 152nd Street and ask to use their phone. At around 11 a.m., following a request to use a phone at a local coffee shop, the woman saw a man set his computer bag down on a table near a back exit leading to the S.W. 152nd Street Alley. While the man approached the front counter to give his coffee order, the suspect quietly picked up the bag and fled out the door. Soon after the suspect had fled the scene, the victim noticed his bag was missing and alerted the business owners who then notified police. The victim reports that he then ran into the alley and spotted the suspect fleeing east towards 4th Avenue S.W. where a King County Metro bus was about to leave a stop. The victim began to run towards the suspect who was attempting to run with both his bag and a second large black backpack that she was wearing. Before the victim could reach the suspect or the suspect flee by bus, the Metro bus pulled away from the stop. Then while continuing to chase, the victim yelled to the suspect that she needed to drop his bag. Witnesses report that the suspect then set the bag down in the parking lot of a strip mall, before cutting through traffic on 152nd Street and heading towards the Burien Transit Center. Police arrived shortly after but were unable to locate the suspect in downtown Burien. The victim reported that all property was recovered. On the following Thursday, visitors to the Burien Farmers Market in Burien Town Square Park who had witnessed the attempted robbery on the previous Sunday morning, believed they spotted the suspect near the food booths at the Market. The suspect was described as a Caucasian woman in her early twenties with medium length dark blond or light brown hair with a medium build and wearing a dark sweatshirt and black athletic pants. Witnesses told police that while they talked to the 911 operator, the suspect appeared to recognize them and hopped on a nearby departing bus before police could arrive. Police did not report believing that the suspect posed an actual physical danger, but recommended notifying police if she was seen in the park or watching the downtown businesses again.

SeaTac Police investigate apparent public suicide by hanging
According to the SeaTac Police Department, a SeaTac man was walking his dog on the morning of Thursday, September 11, around 10 a.m., near the intersection of South 148th Street and 24th Avenue South, when he came across what appeared to be the body of a man hanging by his neck from a rope tied to the branch of a tree. The man immediately notified police of the body. Emergency responders arrived on the scene and removed the body from the tree. Very little information has been released about the incident but police have confirmed that they believe it was a suicide that likely took place earlier that morning but gave no explanation to why the body was not found earlier. The identity of the victim, who was described only as a Caucasian male, has yet to be released. Police did not report finding a suicide note on the scene but confirmed that there were no signs that this should be treated as a homicide over a suicide.

Crimes reported between 9/7/14 and 9/14/2014

Home and Business Break-in/Burglary:
10000 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 100 Blk S. 102nd St., 14800 Blk Military Rd. S., 13700 Blk 24th Ave. S., 10600 Blk 15th Ave. S.W., 9600 Blk 28th Ave. S.W., 10200 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 10800 Blk Myers Wy. S., 16200 Blk Sylvester Rd., 14400 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 14300 Blk 23rd Ave. S.W., 400 Blk S.W. 152nd St., 11300 Blk 20th Pl. S.W., 400 Blk S.W. 122nd St., 600 Blk S.W. 152nd St., 900 Blk S.W. 124th St., 11800 Blk Military Rd. S., 16900 Blk 33rd Ave. S.W., 12700 Blk Military Rd. S., 12700 Blk Military Rd. S., 1200 Blk S. 136th St.

Auto Theft/Break-in:
14200 Blk 31st Ave. S., 2000 Blk S. 146th St., 3200 Blk S. 176th St., 16400 Blk 34th Ave. S., 16800 Blk Intl. Blvd. S., 9600 Blk 28th Ave. S.W., 1700 Blk S.W. Roxbury St., 10600 Blk 14th Ave. S.W., 11000 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 9900 Blk 7th Ave. S.W., 300 Blk S.W. 112th St., 100 Blk S. 174th St., 17400 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 11800 Blk 1St Ave. S., 13800 Blk 1st Ave. S.W., 12300 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 100 Blk S. 174th St., 14600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 11600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 1000 Blk S.W. 126th St., 11800 Blk 26th Ave. S.

14400 Blk 32nd Ave. S., 15000 Blk Military Rd. S., 2400 Blk S. 148th St., 2600 Blk S. 148th St., 4000 Blk S. 164th St., 16900 Blk 31st Ave. S., 1500 Blk S.W. Roxbury St., 10000 Blk 10th Ave. S.W., 11200 Blk 1st Ave. S., 11000 Blk 16th Ave. S.W., 400 Blk S.W. 156th St., 15600 Blk 1st Ave. S., 13700 Blk 12th Ave. S.W., 14800 Blk Ambaum Blvd. S., 13200 Blk 4th Ave. S.W., 15400 Blk Des Moines Memorial Dr. S., 200 Blk S. 118th Ct., 100 Blk S.W. 148th St., 13100 Blk 14th Ave. S.

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