Ballard District Council

The Ballard District Council meets monthly at the Ballard Library and was formed to:

-create a powerful and yet representative voice from the Ballard community

-encourage the many diverse interests in Ballard to find each other and work together for community improvement

-create an organization of representatives; the BDC believes that the "whole" is greater and more powerful than the "sum of its parts"

-support and strengthen existing community organizations and encourage new efforts to create opportunities for civic involvement  read more »


Seattle, WA 98107
United States
47° 40' 6.096" N, 122° 22' 37.0488" W

Ballard Neighborhood Service Center

Rob Mattson is the Neighborhood District Coordinator:


5604 22nd Ave. N.W.
Seattle, WA 98107
United States
Phone: 206-684-4060
47° 40' 10.2036" N, 122° 23' 5.136" W

Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board

The Ballard Avenue Landmark District was created by the Seattle City Council in 1976. Buildings throughout the District embody the distinctive characteristics of modest commercial architecture from the 1890s through the 1940s, creating a sense that the street is almost suspended in time. Visitors to this unique neighborhood will find boutiques, artists studios, and galleries side by side with manufacturers of fishing equipment and even a television studio.


700 Fifth Ave. Suite 1700 District Board City of Seattle
Seattle, WA 98107
United States
Phone: 206-684-0229
47° 40' 7.014" N, 122° 21' 46.6056" W

Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks

Open Hours: 
Seasonal hours (see Web site)

The Locks provides a link for boats between the saltwater of the Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal connecting to Lake Union and Lake Washington.
Both tourists and locals enjoy watching the parade of sailboats, motorboats, tugs, barges and yachts passing through. Pass a sunny day watching boats of all shapes and sizes come into t